How to Revisit Islands in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Check out how to return to previously visited islands in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Granblue Fantasy Relink allows players to join the Grancypher crew as they visit a wide array of different Islands and areas within the Zegagrande Skydom, each featuring hidden treasures, collectibles (aka Wee Pincers), and a few combat challenges.

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But is it possible to revisit the Islands? Here’s how to revisit Islands in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

How to Revisit Islands in Granblue Fantasy Relink

You can only explore previously visited Islands in Granblue Fantasy Relink by replaying story chapters. The ability to replay the chapters will be unlocked once you complete the game’s main storyline and reach the postgame. Once the option is available, you will be able to dive into any chapter you want by heading to the Quest Counter.

If you are not in the mood to play through a full chapter (or a large portion of it) just to get an item or complete a challenge, don’t worry, as the game allows you to return to the hubs or change chapters at any time without losing your newly acquired items.

How Many Chapters Does Granblue Fantasy Relink Have?

If we include its Prologue, Granblue Fantasy Relink has a total of 12 Chapters. For those who are also curious regarding how long it takes to beat the game, It took me around 18 and a half hours to complete the main storyline during my first playthrough, all while periodically doing quests, as well as leveling up and upgrading the gear, stats, and abilities of my characters accordingly.

To ensure you can complete all chapters easily and reach the post-game as soon as possible, don’t forget to check out how to get all the Crewmate Cards needed to call upon new playable characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Among all characters, I recommend that you prioritize getting both Ferry and Cagliostro, as although the former is the game’s absolute best as a Stun-focused damage dealer, the latter is a powerhouse no matter if you are in the early, mid, or end-game stages.

This guide was made while playing Granblue Fantasy Relink on PS5.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2024

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