How to Ride Oatchi in Pikmin 4

Learn how to ride atop your rescue pup in Pikmin 4!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Nintendo

Pikmin players are used to commanding carrot-like creatures, but the latest entry introduces a new partner into the hundred-man army. In Pikmin 4, the rescue pup Oatchi joins the player on their journey to rescue their crewmates on a mysterious planet. As they’ll be made aware during the game’s opening, it’s possible to ride this faithful companion. But the privilege to ride Oatchi in Pikmin 4 won’t be available until some time after players first crash onto the planet.

When can Players Ride Oatchi After Crashing in Pikmin 4?

When starting the game, Oatchi will be almost Pikmin-sized once the player reaches him. He can still charge into objects and be commanded, but the wide variety of abilities that could be tested in the game’s intro will not be available. Players will simply need to progress through the game until the third day, which should also be around the time they rescue their ship’s scientist. Oatchi will go through a growth spurt at this point, finally allowing the player to ride him.

From that point onward, you’ll be able to ride Oatchi by pressing the Y button near him. You’ll have increased movement speed while riding on him, and your Pikmin will tag along as well. Oatchi also has the ability to jump, allowing you to reach places you wouldn’t normally get to otherwise. Just make sure you keep him safe from enemy attacks, as you can both easily become targets when together.

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Later in the game, Oatchi will occasionally become separated from the player. It’s still possible to use his abilities by switching to him through the action menu. This is similar to how it worked in Pikmin 3, though you’ll still have to try and get your captain close to him if you want to ride Oatchi again. Stay by your companion’s side as often as you can and the two of you can accomplish almost any task!

- This article was updated on July 20th, 2023

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