How to Round the Bases at Big Apple Ballers Stadium in Spider-Man 2

It's a home run!

by Diego Perez
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There are plenty of activities to take part in while swinging through New York in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but some of the coolest sights to see aren’t marked on the map. If you’re a completionist trying to get the Spider-Man 2 platinum trophy, then you’re going to need to round the bases at Big Apple Ballers Stadium in order to earn the “Home Run!” trophy. Finding the stadium can be tricky since it’s located in a quiet corner of the city that doesn’t have much to see, so this guide will show you exactly where to find the Big Apple Ballers Stadium in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Where to Find Big Apple Ballers Stadium in Spider-Man 2

The Big Apple Ballers Stadium is located in Downtown Brooklyn, which is in the southeast corner of the map. This is a new district in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and you can use your Web Wings to glide across the water to reach it or just swing across one of the bridges connecting the game’s two playable areas. You can see the stadium’s exact location marked on the map below.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Because it’s a big open-air baseball stadium, it’s very easy to spot from afar while you’re swinging through Downtown Brooklyn. To earn the trophy, swing over to home plate. Then, run around all of the bases and circle back to home plate to score a home run and earn the trophy. You’ll know you’ve done it correctly because Miles and Peter have special dialogue celebrating their imaginary home run.

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This isn’t the only unmarked location that rewards a trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. There are plenty of other things to see throughout the city, like Aunt May’s grave, that are required in order to earn the platinum trophy. You’ll also need to clear all of the enemy bases, grab all the collectibles, and all of the usual completionist stuff along the way too.

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