How to Skip Practice in Forza Motorsport

Skip straight to the race and save time.

by Diego Perez
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Forza Motorsport is all about getting the best time per lap on each track, which is why the game makes you drive a few practice laps before each race so you can familiarize yourself with the tracks and learn where the difficult turns are. Experienced drivers won’t need to practice for as long, though, and impatient drivers may not want to drive in practice mode for so long. Thankfully, there is a way to skip the practice laps and jump straight into the race, but it’s buried in a strange spot in the game’s menu.

How to Skip Practice in Forza Motorsport

To skip practice in Forza Motorsport, pause the game and select “Exit Race.” Instead of immediately quitting, this will open a submenu that lets you restart or skip practice instead of exiting the event. You’ll lose out on car XP and credits that you would earn from driving the practice laps, but these bonuses are negligible compared to the time you’ll save by skipping straight to the real race. There’s no way to adjust the length of practice, unfortunately, so if you want to race only one practice lap and keep your rewards from that, you’re out of luck.

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There’s also no way to permanently disable practice mode in the game’s settings, either, so you’ll have to get used to pausing and manually skipping to the main event every time you start a new race in Forza Motorsport.

You probably shouldn’t skip practice every time in Forza Motorsport, however, since some of the tracks are truly tricky and some of their turns can cost you several positions if you don’t hit them the right way. Plus, the additional car XP and credits that you earn from practicing do add up, and it’s a nice way to level up some cars that aren’t as upgraded as your main rides yet.

- This article was updated on October 10th, 2023

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