How to Solve the Lantern Puzzle in Fortnite Lantern Fest 2023

Where can players find the solution to the tricky Lantern Fest puzzle?

by Marc Magrini
Image: Epic Games

Fortnite has launched a new event for players to enjoy. Though a similar event has been done in the past, this event celebrates the 2023 Lantern Festival, including new cosmetics and challenges for fans to find. One such challenge is found on the new Lantern Fest Tour map, requiring players to complete a puzzle. Learn how to solve this Lantern Fest puzzle and get closer to full challenge completion in the latest Fortnite event!

What do Players Need to do to Solve the Lantern Fest 2023 Puzzle in Fortnite?

Currently, there is only one puzzle available in Lantern Fest 2023. The puzzle in question is found at the Green Lantern in the map where a “hint” character can be found asking if you need help. It suggests going to the game’s social media accounts and looking for replies from the map creators. True to its word, the solution for this puzzle can be found there:

In other words, players will need to light these lanterns in order:

  • Red (Camel)
  • Blue (Moon)
  • Purple (Island)
  • Green (Cactus)
  • Yellow (Palm Tree)

Notably, you can stumble across this solution by accident if you just light the lanterns in a counterclockwise fashion. You’ll know if you’ve completed the puzzle through a pop-up saying “You have solved the puzzle!” Your reward for completing the quest will be some XP, letting you get your level up a bit higher.

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It’s likely that further hints to future puzzles will be revealed in a similar way to this current one. You should keep a close eye on the account mentioned by the game to ensure you’re one step ahead of the next challenge. Also make sure you’re able to complete the puzzle in 30 seconds since you’ll need to try again if time runs out!

- This article was updated on March 30th, 2023

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