Remnant 2 Music Harp Puzzle Solution

This guide will cover how to solve the Music Harp puzzle in Remnant 2.

by Christian Bognar
Music Harp Puzzle Solution Remnant 2
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The puzzles in Remnant 2 are some of the most complex puzzles in a long time. You’ll often be scratching your head for hours just trying to solve one puzzle. One of the more challenging ones is the Music Harp puzzle in The Forbidden Grove of the Yaesha biome. Players must play the instrument in a specific way to raise a bridge. This guide will cover solving the Music Harp puzzle in Remnant 2.

How to Solve the Music Harp Puzzle in Remnant 2

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

One of the hardest puzzles in Remnant 2 is the Music Harp. Players will encounter a book on the shelf next to the checkpoint crystal that hints at how to play the Music Harp, but it requires the player to know how to read musical notes. No joke. In the notebook, you will notice five symbols, each representing a note found on the Harp. It gets tricky here because the game expects you to know how to read music notes.

I didn’t know how to read music so I had to Google it myself, but this is what the notebook says in musical terms. A horizontal line next to a musical note means that the note must be held, and notes without a horizontal line can be interrupted by the following note. So in this example, the two notes on top in the journal must be held along with the one on the bottom right, and the two on the bottom section to the left are interrupted.

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Here is the solution to the Music Harp puzzle. The red dots represent the pegs you should raise.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To solve the puzzle, raise the following pegs in each column. For reference, the very top row of pegs would be #1 and the very bottom would be #8.

  1. Raise Peg #7 in this column.
  2. Don’t raise any pegs in this column.
  3. Raise Peg #5 in this column.
  4. Raise Peg #3 and Peg #6 in this column.
  5. Raise Peg #1 in this column.

To “hold” a note, players must leave one peg down after the strike of a peg. And for a note to be interrupted, a peg must be up right after a note strikes. I know it’s very complicated, and I’m surprised that Gunfire Games expect their game to be played by many musicians.

How to Fix Music Harp Puzzle Not Working

If you’re inputting the right notes and the puzzle still isn’t getting solved, then you’re not alone. Plenty of other Remnant 2 players have found themselves in this exact situation and thankfully, there’s an easy fix. There’s actually a prerequisite to solving this puzzle that prevents you from raising the bridge the moment you stumble across the music harp.

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Before you can solve the puzzle, you have to head up the nearby stairs and progress through the dungeon segment through the fog door. It’ll loop you back around to the music harp area, but you’ll find yourself above the checkpoint crystal when you return. There’s a switch that you have to pull up there before you can solve the music harp puzzle.

With that out of the way, you should be able to solve the puzzle like normal. Refer to the solution above to learn the correct pattern of notes. Unlike most of the other stuff in Remnant 2, this solution isn’t randomly generated.

- This article was updated on July 24th, 2023

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