How to Start Substories in Like a Dragon Gaiden

What adventures await outside of the main story in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

by Marc Magrini
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Like a Dragon Gaiden offers a wide set of substories, though players can’t access them as quickly as they can in other games.

The Yakuza/Like a Dragon series is infamous for its numerous substories, with each story offering unique challenges and comedic encounters. Though the main story of Like a Dragon Gaiden isn’t as long as other games, it offers plenty of side content to help players get fully immersed into the game. Getting access to these substories is a bit different from previous entries in the franchise, though.

Location to Start Substories in Like a Dragon Gaiden

In this game, substories are included in the form of Akame Requests. These can be accessed early in Chapter 2 when meeting with Akame for the first time. On top of introducing you to random events occurring throughout Sotenbori, she’ll grant you access to a menu where you can accept substories, making them appear on the map. Substories won’t show up in normal exploration unless you activate them with Akame first.

You can see requirements for substories by hovering over the ones you haven’t unlocked yet. Additionally, you can accept as many substories as you like, allowing you to encounter them commonly when exploring Sotenbori. Even if you meet the requirements for a certain story, you can’t access it until heading to Akame’s hideout and speaking with her about the request. Because of this, you won’t have much luck if you’re looking for substories located outside of Sotenbori.

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You’ll always have time to complete substories after beating the game, just like with previous entries. It might be worthwhile to check them out if you’re a long-time fan of the series and its many spinoffs. The game is filled to the brim with callbacks and cameos, with some especially surprising faces showing up here and there. They also provide some fantastic monetary rewards, making them great to complete if you simply need some extra upgrades for your abilities.

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