How to Supply Helium-3 to Generators and Outpost Items in Starfield

Keep the lights on at your outposts with these tips!

by J.R. Waugh
How to Supply Helium-3 to Outpost Power Generators in Starfield
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Depending on what planet you choose for your next outpost in Starfield, you’ll potentially be limited to what power sources you can harness. This is especially the case for dark planets with thin atmospheres conducive to low wind or solar power. This is where the fueled generators come into play, powering your outposts with impressive efficiency but with only one catch. You need to consistently keep these generators supplied with Helium-3 to power your outpost in Starfield, so here’s how you can supply them!

How to Supply Helium-3 to Power Generators in Your Outpost in Starfield

Walk up to a fueled generator in your outpost in Starfield and press ‘E’ or ‘A’. This will supply Helium-3 to your generator and power anything it’s connected to either by wires or within its radius. If you’ve not built your generator, here are the resources required:

  • Tungsten x4
  • Austenitic Manifold x1
  • Tau Grade Rheostat x1
  • Isocentered Magnet x1

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Beyond this, make sure your power-consuming facilities or extractors are close to, or connected by wires to this generator.

How to Store Helium-3 With Your Outpost Items in Starfield

There is any number of methods you can take, but the best storage-wise is the Storage – Gas container, which enables you to place tons of your Helium-3 reserves inside. This item costs the following to build at your outpost:

  • Tungsten x5
  • Copper x6
  • Adaptive Frame x3
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These storage devices are especially handy in your early-to-middle game where you’ve not gotten the transfer container ready but have plenty of extraction operations running at once in Starfield. It means you can get tons of resources and store them to keep your machines going unhindered and keep you as the player unencumbered.

Where Can You Find Helium-3 in Starfield?

  • Where-to-Find-Helium-3-on-a-Planet-in-Starfield
  • Where-to-Find-Helium-3-to-Power-Outpost-Generators-in-Starfield

First, confirm Helium-3 is on your current planet in Starfield by opening up the planet map (‘M’ key or selecting the planet from your star map) and checking the resources on your left. Helium-3 is a bright green marker and you can find it in gas vents on the planet’s surface. The best part is that you can extract it by hand by pressing ‘E’ or ‘A’ while walking over the vent, but don’t stay too long, or you’ll take damage!

- This article was updated on September 5th, 2023

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