How to Unlock Astral Stair in Vampire Survivors

Check out how to unlock the Astral Stair stage in Vampire Survivors.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Vampires Survivor’s new patch 1.05 featured the debut of many new features, such as six new achievements, new characters, game modes, and the Astral Stair map, which can be considered one of the game’s most unique, Now, here’s how to unlock the Astral Stair stage in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock the Astral Stair Stage in Vampire Survivors

You can unlock the Astral Stair stage in Vampire Survivors by reaching level 80 during any attempt at Inverse Inland Library. You will be able to dive into the modified Inland Library stage by, after unlocking the game’s inverse mode, selecting the Inverse option before diving in.

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How to Unlock Inverse Mode in Vampire Survivors

You will be able to unlock Inverse mode in Vampire Survivors by collecting the Gracia’s Mirror. The relic can be obtained by first interacting with The Directer on the Eudaimonia Machine stage and picking the Too Easy option. But unlocking the Eudaimonia Machine stage is not easy, as you will need to collect all of the game’s standard relics in order to do so.

That means that new players may take a while to unlock the mode, given that you will need to unlock all of the game’s base stages in order to unlock Eudaimonia Machine. To be more precise, here are all the relics you will need to collect in order to unlock the Eudaimonia Machine stage:

  • Grim Grimoire
  • Ars Gouda
  • Milky Way Map
  • Magic Banger
  • Sorceress’ Tears
  • Glass Vizard
  • Mindbender
  • Yellow Sign
  • Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane
  • Great Gospel

How is the Inverse Mode Different From the Main One?

Apart from the new visual and enemy-related features, while playing in Inverse Mode, you will gain a 200% Gold Bonus and a 20% Luck Bonus. But as everything has a cost in Vampire Survivors, enemies will also have 200% increased max health, as well as gain another 5% max health and a 0.5% max speed per minute.

- This article was updated on June 12th, 2023

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