How to Unlock Every Item in Crash Team Rumble

Here's how to unlock every item in Crash Team Rumble.

by Drew Kopp
Crash Team Rumble Deluxe Edition Bonuses
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Like most other competitive multiplayer games, Crash Team Rumble arms players with items, or “Powers,” that can be used to give them an edge against other players. Unfortunately, most of the Powers in the game aren’t available from the start, so you need to unlock them before unleashing them against your enemies. We’ve figured out how to get all the items in Crash Team Rumble, so keep reading if you want to enter a match with a full arsenal.

How to Unlock Items in Crash Team Rumble

There are seven items in Crash Team Rumble, and only two are available at the start of the game. To unlock the rest of them, you need to collect Relic Badges. Like the Scorer Booster and Blocker Badges required to unlock all the game’s playable characters, you can get Relic Badges by completing specific challenges during a match. For Relic Badges, you must focus on gathering the Relics scattered across the map and using them to activate Relic perks at Relic Stations.

While collecting Relic Badges on my profile, I mainly used CatBat, since their ability to glide makes it easy to grab Relics in areas most other characters would have trouble getting to. If you haven’t unlocked Catbat yet, I’d recommend playing as Crash since his balanced move set gives him enough ability to clear most gaps and get up to most platforms.

Gasmoxian Guard

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The Gasmoxian Guard Power summons an enormous axe-wielding alien warrior who will stand guard over the position they are placed in until they are killed. To unlock the Gasmoxian Guard, you must earn two Epic Relic Badges by activating Epic Relic Stations.

Wumpa Stash

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Collecting Wumpa Fruit is the key to victory in Crash Team Rumble, and the Wumpa Stash Power allows you to passively generate Wumpa Fruit until you reach the 100 Wumpa Fruit carrying limit. To unlock the Wumpa Stash, you must earn eight Common Relic Badges by activating Common Relic Stations.

Garbage Dump

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The Garbage Dump Power conjures a storm of garbage that rains down over a specific area, pelting players with pieces of trash that slowly deal damage. To unlock the Garbage Dump Power, collect twenty Common Relic Badges.

Bounce Crates

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The Bounce Crates Power allows you to drop a bounce crate that you can use to reach higher platforms or escape crowds of enemies, making it an absolute godsend when you are playing a Scorer. You must collect sixty Common Relic Stations to unlock the Bounce Crates Power.

Power Drain

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The Power Drain Power is Crash Team Rumble’s resident “anti-item,” projecting an energy field that nullifies all other Powers within its radius. You’ll need to amass ten Epic Relic Badges before you can use the Power Drain Power.

- This article was updated on June 30th, 2023

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