How to Unlock More Weapon, Glove, and Motorcycle Skins in Ghostrunner 2

Here's how you can get more skins in Ghostrunner 2!

by Christian Bognar
How to Get More Skins and Swords in Ghostrunner 2
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Ghostrunner 2 has many cosmetic items to obtain while playing through its story. These cosmetics can change the look of your sword, gloves, and even the new motorcycle.

If you want to unlock all skins in the game, we have you covered to make your Ghostrunner look as cool as possible. This guide will cover unlocking new swords, gloves, and motorcycle skins in Ghostrunner 2.

How to Unlock More Skins in Ghostrunner 2

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There are a couple of ways to get new skins for your gear in Ghostrunner 2. The first way is completing the training modules in the hub, where completing each module will reward you with a glove skin or a sword. The next way is by completing levels naturally, where you can find Swords hidden throughout levels and obtain glove skins by completing the level quickly and with fewer deaths.

Remember that players who pre-ordered Ghostrunner 2 or purchased the higher editions, such as Deluxe and Brutal, will get cool-looking skins immediately added to the Arsenal. Below, we have compiled a list of which skins are included in each edition of Ghostrunner 2.

  • Pre-order: Dragon Traditional Sword and Hand Skin, Golden Traditional Sword and Hand Skin.
  • Deluxe Edition: Dragon Traditional Sword and Hand Skin, Golden Traditional Sword and Hand Skin, Ahriman’s Katana Sword and Hand Skin, Modern Energy Sword and Hand Skin, Molten Blade Sword and Hand Skin, Gothic Blue Sword and Hand Skin
  • Brutal Edition: Traditional Sword and Hand Skins (2x), Deluxe Sword and Hand Skin Pack (4x), Aqua Animated Sword and Hand Skin, Design 24A Motorcycle Skin

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How Many Skins Are in Ghostrunner 2?

By checking the Armory section in Ghostrunner 2, you’ll see all the skins you have unlocked so far. There are also blank spaces representing gloves or swords that you still need to unlock. Looking in the Armory section, we can see that there are a total of 11 Gloves, 23 Swords, and two Motorcycle skins. At the time of writing, it is undetermined if there are hidden skins not shown in the Arsenal tab.

- This article was updated on October 24th, 2023

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