Does Ghostrunner 2 Have New Game Plus?

Does Ghostrunner 2 have a new game plus mode?

by Christian Bognar
Does Ghostrunner 2 Have New Game Plus?
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Ghostrunner 2 offers a unique, fast-paced challenge through platforming and enemy encounters. It’s a difficult task to make it to the credits, but one that is worth doing.

After all the hard work of completing the story and upgrading your character, you may want to try again in a second playthrough. Read further to learn whether there is a new game plus mode in Ghostrunner 2.

Is There a New Game Plus Mode in Ghostrunner 2?

Simply put, there is no new game plus in Ghostrunner 2. That said, players can replay all their completed missions from a selection screen. While replaying the missions, players will have access to all their skills, ultimates, and skins for gear. This means a player could replay from mission one and have their character fully leveled up.

While this may not be new game plus in a traditional sense, it can act like one by just playing through the missions in order. Replaying missions is a great way to obtain all the memory chips and swords you may have missed on the first go and explore different ways to complete enemy encounters. It’s also a great way to attempt to clear a level faster or with fewer deaths!

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Will Ghostrunner 2 Get a New Game Plus Mode?

There is a high possibility that Ghostrunner 2 will get an official new game plus mode in the future. If we look at the original Ghostrunner, it was also released without the popular mode. It wasn’t until two months afterward where One More Level, the developers behind the game, released the Winter Pack DLC. This DLC included new game plus.

While I can’t confirm if this will be the case for the sequel, we can rest assured that it has already been established that DLC is planned. If the community voices their interest in the new game plus mode, as they did for the original, I can see One More Level including new game plus mode in the DLC content.

- This article was updated on October 24th, 2023

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