How to Unlock New Cards in Marvel Snap

Assemble your best superhero team in Marvel Snap with these tips and tricks!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell


Marvel Snap is a new 1v1 collectible card battler with characters from the Marvel universe. The entire goal is to collect cards and to make your dream team, so we have everything you need to know about how to unlock new cards in Marvel Snap. So which Marvel superheroes will you use to form your ultimate team and dominate other players worldwide?

How to Unlock New Cards in Marvel Snap

The primary way you will unlock new cards is by increasing your Collection Level. You increase your Collection Level by upgrading your cards using Credits and Boosters. You can also unlock cards through Season Pass caches.

Note: There is no crafting system, but the developers will introduce a similar mechanic later.

Collection Level

Your Collection Level is displayed as a Green Number at the top of your screen. You can access the Collection Level screen by tapping on that number. In addition, you will see a Collection Level rewards track which shows you the cards you will earn as you increase your collection level. To increase your collection level, you must upgrade your cards using Credits and Boosters.

Card Upgrade Requirements

  • Uncommon: 25 Credits and 5 Boosters = +1 Collection Level
  • Rare: 100 Credits and 10 Boosters = +2 Collection Level
  • Epic: 200 Credits and 20 Boosters = +4 Collection Level
  • Ultra: 400 Credits and 40 Boosters = +8 Collection Level
  • Infinity: 500 Credits and 50 Boosters = +10 Collection Level


You can earn credits by completing Daily Missions, advancing the Collection Level, and from the Season Pass. You can also purchase in-game currency with real money and then purchase credits. There is a daily credit cap to be aware of if you purchase in-game currency with real money.


A booster is specific to a card, and that card’s booster can only be used for itself. Therefore, you can earn a booster in the post-game rewards by playing with a specific card in a deck. Then, keep playing that same card to earn the Boosters. You can also earn booster rewards by completing the Collection Level and the Season pass.

Season Pass Caches

There are three different types of season passes you can purchase:

  • Free: Offers rewards like avatars, boosters, cards, credits, and gold.
  • Premium: Includes everything from the Free pass plus an exclusive card and cosmetics.
  • Premium+: Provides all content from the previous two plus an additional 10 levels for each tier purchased.

Upgrade Tips and Tricks

We recommend upgrading your common cards first, as the Credit to Collection Level cost is the best here. You only need 25 Credits to gain 1 Collection Level. This only increases past the common tier and will require more resources to level. The cards you earn from the Collection Track and Season Pass begin as common rarity, so upgrade those as soon as you get them.

Marvel Snap is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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