How to Unlock New Skill Cards in Dead Island 2

Embrace your full potential as a zombie slayer!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you wondering how to unlock new skill cards in Dead Island 2? Dead Island 2 is considered a role-playing action game because of the Skill Deck. The Skill Cards in the Skill Deck are how you customize your character with additional abilities, active and passive, to your specific playstyle. So then, how do you unlock new Skill Cards and Skill Slots so you can equip more?

Where to Get New Skill Cards in Dead Island 2

You will want to play the game to unlock new skill cards in Dead Island 2. This may seem like a frustrating answer, but you unlock new Skill Cards every time you gain a level, whenever you kill a specific type of zombie, or as loot items found throughout the world. Collecting the skill card will unlock the ability for you to equip permanently.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You won’t unlock specific types of Skill Cards until you reach specific points in the game, so be patient. You will understand how and why you need to reach specific milestones in Dead Island 2 to be able to use the abilities provided by these Skill Cards.

For instance, you won’t unlock your first Numen Skill Card until you are 90% done with the game. In addition, you will unlock the Numen Skill Cards after you complete The Search For The Truth quest.

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How Does the Skill Deck Work in Dead Island 2?

The Skill Deck is made up of four different types of skill categories: Abilities, Survivor, Slayer, and Numen. The type of Skill Card you unlock will determine which category it is in. You cannot equip a Skill Card from another Skill Deck Category.

You also have a limited amount of kill card slots for each category as shown below:

  • Abilities: 5 x Skill Card slots
  • Survivor: 4 x Skill Card slots
  • Slayer: 4 x Skill Card slots
  • Numen: 2 x Skill Card slots

What combinations of Skill Cards will you come up with?

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