How to Unlock New Blueprints and Crafting Recipes in Dead Island 2

How often do architects have to put long narrow paths in his blueprints... hallways.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you wondering how to unlock new Blueprints and Crafting Recipes in Dead Island 2? Blueprints allow you to craft essential items like weapon modification, gun ammo, and med kits, making your journey through Hell-A much easier. First, however, you must unlock these recipes by finding their respective Blueprints.

How to Get New Blueprints in Dead Island 2

You will unlock new blueprints and crafting recipes in Dead Island 2 by exploring Hell-A. You will find new blueprints as you unlock new areas in Hell-A and defeat different types of zombies. These blueprints will unlock specific types of weapons, mods, and ammo based on what you have unlocked in the game. For instance, you will only find the pistol ammo blueprint when you unlock guns in Dead Island 2.

There are three different types of Blueprints in Dead Island 2:

  • Weapon Mods
  • Weapon Perks
  • Consumables

The first way to unlock new blueprints and crafting recipes is by collecting them from new areas. Most of these new blueprints will be found on workbenches in each zone’s safe areas. You will know when you come to a safe zone as you will be protected from zombies and have a workbench and safe inside. For instance, the area in the Halperin Hotel is considered a safe zone.

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You can also purchase additional blueprints from traders in each safehouse location in Hell-A. The type of blueprints they sell will also match your progress in Dead Island 2. For instance, when you unlock the Workbench, you can obtain the Med Kit Blueprint from Carlos in Emma Jaunt’s house. So be sure to check every trader’s inventory so you don’t miss out on valuable blueprints and crafting recipes.

Finally, you will unlock blueprints and craft recipes by destroying specific types of zombies. You will get an onscreen notification when you earn a Blueprint by killing it for the first time. The Blueprints will provide a weapon perk related to the zombie type and will require superior crafting materials, which can only be obtained by destroying that specific type of zombie. You will know you are collecting a superior material as it will drop in a brown pouch bag.

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