How to Unlock Raptor in Modern Warfare 3

Raptor attack incoming.

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Along with Modern Warfare 3, 25 new Operators have been introduced to the Operator pool. Today we will unlock one of the new members of KorTac. Here is how to unlock Raptor in Modern Warfare 3.

How to Unlock Raptor in MW3

Raptor, also known as Natalya Orlove, is one of the many Operators introduced during the Modern Warfare 3 launch. Unlocking her is pretty straightforward, although you will have to work a little bit to do so. You see, you will need to accumulate a total of 5 enemy Operator kills using Frag Grenades during a single Multiplayer match. Note that this doesn’t mean you need to do so in a multi-kill or back-to-back, which makes things a bit easier since the sum of all your Frag kills at the end of a single Multiplayer match will determine whether you unlock her or not.

Landing Frag Grenades can be a bit trickier, so here are some tips for you to improve your chances of getting five Frag kills. One of the first things you could do is to wear equipment that will benefit your Frag grenade storage and throwing power. First of all, equip the Ordnance Gloves. These will help you throw equipment further and if you throw back a grenade, you will reset its fuse timer. Second of all, you can equip the Demolition Vest. This is by far the best Vest to use to unlock Raptor since it will help resupply tactical and lethal equipment every 25 seconds.

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With both the gloves and vest equipped, your chances to kill enemies with Frag Grenades will be substantially increased. Raptor is just one of the 12 new Operators that have joined KorTac, one of the two military contractor organizations introduced in the Modern Warfare 2 remake. You will get to unlock Operators by playing the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign, Zombies, and Multiplayer mode.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2023

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