How to Unlock the Inferno Vendor in Lords of the Fallen

Follow this guide to unlock the inferno vendor in Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
How to Unlock the Inferno Vendor in Lords of the Fallen
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If you want to create an inferno build in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll want to find a vendor to help you out. The Tortured Prisoner, also known as the inferno vendor, is found early in the game, making her the best way to get overpowered from the start. This guide will walk you through how to find the inferno vendor in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Find a Vendor That Sells Inferno Items in Lords of the Fallen

A player must take a few steps to find the Inferno vendor in Lords of the Fallen. We’ll go over each step down below in this guide. If you have completed one step, you can jump around using our table of contents.

Table of Contents

Unlock Inferno Vendor Step 1 – Find Skyrest Bridge Key

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The first step in unlocking the inferno vendor in Lords of the Fallen is finding the Skyrest Bridge Key. Players can find the Skyrest Bridge Key by starting from the Vestige of Chabui, exiting the sanctuary, and taking a right to the ladder that leads to the platforms below.

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Continue forward through this area until you reach an elevator. At the top, you will be at the back entrance of Skyrest and need a key to get inside. Go past the door and continue until you reach the end of the walkway, where there seems to be nowhere to go. On your right, there is a platform that you can’t reach.

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Peek into your Umbral Lamp to create a walkway; once above the platform below, stop using your Umbral Lamp. You will fall safely to the platform below.

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Next, transition into Umbral and continue straight until you reach a large skeleton bridge. In the middle of this bridge, you will find an Umbral Belly where you can Soulflay to get the Skyrest Bridge Key.

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Bring the key back to the door you pasted previously (near the elevator you took), and open it to unlock the back entrance to Skyrest.

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Unlock Inferno Vendor Step 2 – Get the Searing Accusation Item

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Your next job is to get the Searing Accusation item found in the room you just entered from the door you used the Skyrest Key. While in this room, transition into Umbral, and you’ll notice a ladder leading up (represented by red arrow in image).

An Umbral Entity blocks your path on top of this ladder, so you’ll need to find three Soulflay targets in the area. They are easy to find by following the Umbral Entity’s veins.

Once you clear all three Soulflay targets and remove the Umbral Entity blocking your path, you will get the Searing Accusation within by Soulflaying the Umbral Belly.

Unlock Inferno Vendor Step 3 – Free the Tortured Prisoner

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After getting the Searing Accusation item, head up the spiral staircase in the same room. Here, you will find the Tortured Prisoner inside a cage, speak to her twice, and then choose to hand over the Searing Accusation.

She will mumble some words, but that’s it. Next, rest at any Vestige and return to where you fought Pieta (the game’s first boss), and she will be waiting for you at the arena entrance. Speak to her, and she will be very grateful, and she will open her shop for you to purchase inferno spells, armor, and items!

Everything the Inferno Vendor Sells in Lords of the Fallen

The Tortured Prisoner will have a good assortment of gear to give inferno builds a head start in the early game. Here is everything in the Tortured Prisoner’s inventory when first unlocking her.

  • Pyric Cultist Staff (weapon)
  • Pyric Cultist Catalyst (catalyst)
  • Infernal Orb (spell)
  • Conflagration (spell)
  • Charred Finger (item)
  • Pyric Cultist Hood (armor)
  • Pyric Cultist Gloves (armor)
  • Pyric Cultist Leggings (armor)
  • Pyric Cultist Garb (armor)

It’s undetermined if the Tortured Prisoner adds to her inventory as you make it further in the game, but it’s likely, considering other vendors’ inventories are constantly changing.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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