How to Unsocket Gems in Diablo 4

Are you planning to unsocket Gems in Diablo 4?

by Gordon Bicker
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Diablo 4 has many systems and mechanics for you to familiarize yourself with and one of these is learning about gems. If you are wanting to swap out gems on a piece of gear (or just obtain a new gem) you will need to remove the previously attached gem from a piece of gear by way of unsocketing. This article will take you through how to unsocket gems in Diablo 4.

Process of Unsocketing Gems in Diablo 4 | Gem Unsocket Method

In order to unsocket gems you will have to visit a jeweler. When inside the store, you can unsocket gems by using their services. Press the plier’s icon when you are in the unsocket section of the menu (one tab to the right) and then select the gear. The easiest Jeweler to reach in an early game stage is in the west of Kyovashad (indicated by a diamond icon) but you won’t have automatic access to the Jewelers — this is why we think so many are trying to work out how to unsocket gems.

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To unlock the Jewelers you will have to reach level 20 and complete the “Gem Crafting” quest that appears. If the Jeweler store hasn’t been unlocked yet, you will see a lock appear over the diamond icon on the map as shown in the image above. Once you have the Jewelers unlocked, you can go forth and unsocket gems from anything needed. Summed up, the full process is as follows.

  1. Unlock Jeweler Shops by reaching level 20 and completing the “Gem Crafting” priority quest.
  2. Enter a Jeweler’s Shop and speak to the Jeweler at the counter.
  3. Swap over a tab to the “Unsocket” section — this will be an icon of pliers holding a gem.
  4. Select the Pliers and then select the gear you’d like to unsocket a gem from.

Is There a Price Attached for Unsocketing Gems From Gear in Diablo 4?

Yes, every time you would like to unsocket gems from gear you will have to pay a gold price generally around 3000 gold so be sure to stock up on gold before unsocketing anything. We would recommend making sure you have at least 9000 gold prepared if you plan on unsocketing a lot of gear at the one time.

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Now that you know how to unsocket gems in Diablo 4, you can dive back into the demon-slaying action and be ready to unsocket gems whenever you need to.

- This article was updated on June 5th, 2023

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