How to Use Ignition in Final Fantasy 16

Check out how get one of the game's best Eikonic abilities!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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In true Final Fantasy fashion, Final Fantasy XVI allows Clive to make use of a wide array of different abilities as you fight to learn the truth about the Crystals and the events which set him on his path. And among the game’s best non-Limit Break Eikonic abilities, a few such as Ignition set themselves apart through both their utility and their pure and unadulterated damage. Now, here’s how to unlock and use Ignition in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Unlock and Use Ignition in Final Fantasy 16

You will be able to unlock Ignition in Final Fantasy XVI by starting the quest Meaning of Life and then unlocking it from the Ifrit ability tree. The Meaning of Life is the twenty-second main scenario quest of the game.

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After reaching the quest, you will need to expend 120 Ability Points in order to unlock the ability as well as 525 in order to upgrade it. Those who wish to master it, however, will need to expend another 1000 Ability Points in order to do so. Like all Eikonic blessings in the game, after mastering Ignition, you will be able to assign the ability to any Eikon loadout you wish.

After unlocking Ignition, you will be able to use the ability in battle by simply equipping it through your Gear Tab and then pressing R2 + its set button once it’s available.

When to Use Ignition in Final Fantasy XVI

Ignition is an ability best used when facing large crowds of enemies, as it will allow Clive to steamroll past them while dealing massive damage and grouping them for further ounces of damage. The ability can also work extremely well when facing bosses, giving its ability to both quickly build stagger and deal massive damage when used against already staggered targets.

With that said, given the ability’s large duration and the way Clive is unable to stop it midway, we advise you to only use it in the scenarios above in order to avoid being open for damage from faraway enemies or retaliation by bosses.

This guide was made while playing Final Fantasy XVI on a PS5. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out our review of the title.

- This article was updated on June 26th, 2023

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