How to Use Run Pass Option (RPO) in Madden 24

Learn how to use Run Pass Option (RPO) in Madden 24.

by Christian Bognar
Run Pass Option Madden NFL 24
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The run-pass option is among the best plays in any team’s playbook. RPO in Madden 24 allows you to decide whether to pass the ball or hand it off to your running back. How to successfully execute a run-pass option is unclear, so we are here to help. This guide will cover how to use the run-pass option play in Madden 24.

How to Complete a Run Pass Option Play in Madden 24

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The first thing you need to know about RPO plays in Madden 24 is that you need to know how to select it. To choose a run-pass option play while in the huddle, select the “Play Type” tab and scroll down until you find “RPO.” This will bring you to all the available run-pass option plays in your current team’s playbook.

Now that you have selected your RPO play, it’s time to execute it successfully. To complete an RPO play, you can either have the Quarterback keep the ball and make a pass or hand it off to the running back if you see a significant gap for a run.

If you want the Quarterback to keep the ball for a pass, don’t press anything and allow your running back to move past you. Then, throw the ball to a receiver by the corresponding button above their head. If you decide to hand it off to the running back, hold down A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation).

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Best Way to Successfully Complete a RPO in Madden 24

Madden 24 will tell you that you should run the ball when your running back is aiming for the green zone and pass when he’s aiming for the red zone. This can be true sometimes, but this can lead to failure if you don’t read the defense.

Completing a run-pass option play boils down to reading and finding a weakness in the defense, and acting accordingly. When you hike the ball, your first job is to see what the linebacker and secondary positions are doing on the defensive side. If they close in on the gap your running back is supposed to hit, keep the ball and pass. If there is a gap or open field where your running back is aiming for, hand it off and hit the ground running.

Another thing to look out for is whether you’re receivers are covered heavily. If they are, you will have a better chance of handing the ball off instead of risking the possibility of throwing an interception. My favorite RPO play is quick passes that include a slant route, which gives you enough time to see if the receiver is open while the running back is still behind the line of scrimmage for a possible handoff.

If you are having trouble with RPOs, take the time to practice in training mode. Madden 24 is all about repetitions, so keep running the play as much as possible in practice, and eventually, it’ll become second nature.

- This article was updated on August 17th, 2023

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