How to Use the Destiny 2 Checkpoint Bot In-Game

Here's how to get raid checkpoints easily!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Bungie

Are you wondering how to use the Destiny 2 Checkpoint Bot in-game? Checkpoints in Destiny 2 are created before a Guardian enters a crucial raid encounter. If that Guardian were to die, they could resurrect using that checkpoint. Guardians can also use checkpoints if they need to leave the raid for any reason. However, checkpoints aren’t saved forever because they are reset when Destiny 2 performs its weekly reset. By using the Checkpoint Bot in-game, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by quickly regaining these checkpoints.

How do I Join a Checkpoint Bot in Destiny 2?

First, you must go to the official Checkpoint Bot website and find the checkpoint you want to join. On the website will be a list of checkpoints with a number. You will type in this number when you attempt to join the Checkpoint Bot in-game. You can then use the Destiny 2 checkpoint bot in-game by following these steps:


  1. Press the Enter key to open the text chat
  2. Type /join CheckpointBot#0000
    • Where #0000 is your chosen Checkpoint
  3. Press Enter

Xbox or PlayStation

  1. While in Orbit, press the Right D-Pad button
  2. Press Y or Triangle to open the virtual keyboard
  3. Type /join CheckpointBot#0000
    • Where #0000 is your chosen Checkpoint
  4. Press A or X

If you don’t play an English version of Destiny 2, then you need to replace /join with your language:

  • Español
    • /unirse
  • Deutsch
    • /beitreten
  • Français
    • /rejoindre
  • Italiano
    • /partecipa
  • Polski
    • /dolacz
  • Português
    • /juntar-se
  • русский
    • /вступить
  • 汉语 & 漢語
    • /加入
  • 日本語
    • /join
  • 한국어
    • /합류

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Knowing that you cannot perform any clearing activity while connected to the Checkpoint Bot is essential. Doing so will cause you to be banned from using Checkpoint BOt, and the team behind it is stringent. So, after you have joined the bot, start the encounter and wipe. After you have resurrected, leave the fire team. You now have the checkpoint, and the next time you load into the activity, you will start from this new checkpoint.

If you have a checkpoint for a later encounter in the activity, you must reset this encounter before joining the bot. For example: If you have a Riven checkpoint and join Shuro-Chi without resetting, you will keep the Riven checkpoint. You are expected to Join, Wipe, & Leave as quickly as possible. Failure to do so can block your account from all bots.

- This article was updated on March 31st, 2023

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