How to Use the Starfield Animal Husbandry Facility (& Fix It Not Showing Up)

Check out how to get the Animal Husbandry Facility working in Starfield!

by Christian Bognar
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An outpost is only complete in Starfield when you add an Animal Husbandry facility, where you can nurture animals and creatures for resources and materials. Adding one of these facilities can be very helpful for crafting, allowing you to make more products. Setting up an Animal Husbandry (and getting it working) can take time. This guide will cover how to use an Animal Husbandry and fix it not showing up in Starfield.

How to Get the Animal Husbandry Facility Working in Starfield

You must take a few steps to get the Animal Husbandry facility up and running correctly in Starfield. Let’s go over all the steps below.

Step 1 – Unlock the Correct Skills for Animal Husbandry

First, you need to unlock the Zoology skill under the Science section of the skill tree. This skill will allow you to harvest from creatures, learn more about them, and produce animal resources at outposts.

Next, craft Horticulture 1 and Domestication 1 at any Research Lab. When doing so, make sure to unlock the Botany Skill in the Science section of the skill tree and Outpost Engineering. The former will allow you for some plants to be cultivated at your outpost (more on that later). At the same time, the Outpost Engineering skill will allow you to construct improved outpost modules and research additional modules at a Research Lab.

Here is an overview of all the prerequisites before starting to create the Animal Husbandry Facility at your outpost:

  • Zoology Skill.
  • Botany Skill.
  • Outpost Engineering.
  • Craft Horticulture 1 and Domestication 1 at a Research Lab.

Step 2 – Find the Correct Planet for Your Animal Husbandry

The next step is to find a planet and environment near the animal or creature you want to produce at the Animal Husbandry Facility. You must scan the animal 100% before it can be raised and harvested at the facility, so make sure you do that. You can tell if an animal is eligible to be used at an Animal Husbandry when “Outpost Production Allowed” is displayed when scanning them.

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Step 3 – Build the Animal Husbandry and Get Power Running

The third step in the process is you need to actually build the Animal Husbandry, and you can do so by heading into the build menu at your outpost. Select “Animal Husbandry” and spend the appropriate resources to start building. You will need 5x Adaptive Frame, 3x Reactive Guage, 3x Sealant, and 8x Aluminum.

Lastly, you need to get power up and running for the facility by connecting two Water Extractors and Power Sources to the Animal Husbandry Facility through Modify Mode. You will also need Fiber to care for the animals, which you can add to a Storage Container connected to the Animal Husbandry. Fiber will allow the animals to produce; the Botany skill enables you to do this.

How to Fix Animal Husbandry Facility Not Showing Up in Starfield

Players have reported some issues with the Animal Husbandry Facility not showing up in their outpost. This issue usually comes down to human error and the complexity of setting up the Animal Husbandry Facility. Follow the steps below to fix the Animal Husbandry Facility not showing up in Starfield.

  • Ensure you have met all the prerequisites mentioned in the previous section of this guide.
  • Make sure you are scanning animals 100% that have the “Outpost Production Allowed” description.
  • Double-check that every component is connected to the Animal Husbandry (Storage Container and Water Extractors).

Keep in mind that not all planets allow for Animal Husbandry. If it doesn’t allow for the facility, it won’t appear in the build menu.

Following everything in this guide will get your Animal Husbandry Facility effectively working in Starfield. It can take time to master your outposts, but you can get them running at maximum power with practice and patience.

- This article was updated on October 2nd, 2023

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