Starfield Zoology Leveling Guide | Best Places to Harvest Organic Creature Resources Fast

Check out the best places to harvest organic resources for Zoology in Starfield!

by Christian Bognar
Zoology Leveling Guide Starfield
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The Zoology perk is essential for any player trying to maximize their outpost potential. First unlocked by spending four skill points in the Science Tree, it takes a while after that initial unlock to level up. Your job is to harvest organic resources from creatures to reach higher ranks for the Zoology perk. Here are Starfield’s best places to find creatures to harvest organic resources.

Best Places to Level Zoology in Starfield

While players can have luck finding creatures for organic resources on various planets in Starfield, two locations are known to have the most. The two planets are in the Sparta and Cheyenne Star systems. Let’s go over both in this guide.

Cheyenne Star System – Montara Luna

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Montara Luna in the Cheyenne Star System is the best place to harvest organic resources from creatures. This location can be accessed early in your Starfield playthrough, meaning you won’t need a very high-level grav drive to reach this planet.

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When you land on Montara Luna, you’ll instantly realize it is filled with creatures. Players can find flying creatures and hordes of others that can be harvested and applied toward the Zoology perk.

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Sparta Star System – Sparta IV

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The next best place to harvest organic resources from creatures is Sparta IV, found in the Sparta Star System. Sparta can easily be located by moving your cursor all the way to the left of the star map and going six stars to the left. Keep in mind that Sparta is a level 60 planet, meaning this is a better location for those far in their playthrough and with a high-level grav drive that can make the jump.

Nonetheless, this is a great planet to find a bunch of creatures for harvesting. When exiting your ship, you’ll discover dinosaur-like animals traveling in packs that can be harvested for organic resources. With one trip through this planet, you’ll get closer to rank 4 for the Zoology Perk.

All Zoology Rank Rewards and Bonuses

As you harvest organic resources from the creatures on these two planets, you’ll progress through the ranks for the Zoology perk. You’ll earn rewards and bonuses for your character when you rank up. Here are the bonuses for each rank of the Zoology perk in Starfield!

  • Rank 1 – Get more common organic resources from creatures and harvest from them without harming them; learn more info about them from the scanner, allowing you to produce animal resources at your outposts.
  • Rank 2 – Get more uncommon organic resources from creatures and learn information about them more quickly using the scanner.
  • Rank 3 – Get more rare organic resources from creatures and learn information about them more quickly using the scanner.
  • Rank 4 – Occasionally harvests additional rarer resources from creatures and learns information about them quicker using the scanner.

Reaching rank four requires harvesting organic resources from 170 creatures in total. This may take a while, but these two locations mentioned in this guide will speed up the process tremendously.

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2023

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