Is Deceive Inc Crossplay? Answered

Does this multiplayer spy game support crossplay?

by Christian Bognar
Is Deceive Inc. Crossplay?
Image: Epic Games and Sweet Bandits Studios

Deceive Inc. is a stealth game that throws players into an underground spy-like multiplayer world where everyone must use gadgets and disguises to take out the rest of the competition. Officially released on March 23, the game has garnered tons of praise and reached a 9 out of 10 on Steam. It is safe to say that players thoroughly enjoy the game, but those interested wonder whether it supports crossplay. We have the answer for you.

Does Deceive Inc. Support Crossplay?

Players can rest assured that Deceive Inc. does support crossplay. This means no matter what system you are playing the game on—you can play with your friends that have chosen to play Deceive Inc. on a different system or console. For example, if you are a PlayStation 5 player, you can still play with your buddies that play through Steam on PC and vice versa.

This is excellent news for players who are playing a game that is trying to gain more traction—considering this crossplay support will increase the chances of always being able to find others to play with. While it isn’t guaranteed that the number of players will decrease over time, it is always something to consider when it comes to a multiplayer-only title. This crossplay feature helps combat this possible scenario.

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Deceive Inc. Gameplay Details and How to Play

Deceive Inc. boils down to using strategy against your opponents rather than focusing on shooting guns at the competition. This can be done through disguises, unique spy abilities, and fantastic spy gadgets that add various ways to play. The only way to win in Deceive Inc. is by outsmarting your opponents as everyone tries to complete the primary objective quickly—stealing a case from a locked vault.

Are you interested in Deceive Inc.? The good news is that the game is only $19.99 on the Epic Games store, Steam, or your regular console stores for both Xbox and PlayStation!

- This article was updated on April 10th, 2023

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