Is Little Witch in the Woods Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Find out if this little witch is making her way to the Nintendo Switch!

by Shaun Cichacki


The Nintendo Switch is home to many different comfy games, and it seems as if Little Witch In The Woods would be an excellent addition to the library. As you explore a beautifully animated world full of gorgeous pixel art, you’ll find yourself falling more in love with this game as you learn its finer details. Plus, being able to be a witch on the Switch seems like the most ideal match.

Let’s dig into the details about what makes this title a great addition to your current library, and if it is available on the Nintendo Switch currently!

Little Witch On The Switch

Currently Little With In The Woods is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One as an Early Access title. For those unfamiliar with the term, early access games are currently work-in-progress titles, with new content and fixes coming out often for the game. Since these platforms offer easy ways to share feedback with the developer, through forms and internet access, you’ll be able to let them know about any sort of issues that you are running into with their titles quickly and easily.

However, on the Nintendo Switch, this is a much more difficult task, as it is missing a few of these key features. While the game is not a graphically intensive adventure, you may still run into sorts of visual glitches, or game-breaking bugs. There’s not a quick and easy way to share that with the developers of the title, which could explain the absence of this early access title on the Nintendo Switch.

As the game nears a more complete state, however, we could assume that they would want to expand their reach to as many gamers as possible. With one of the largest install bases on the planet, the Nintendo Switch would be the perfect system for this to be on, once it has reached its completed state. However, for now, players wanting to join Ellie on her magical adventure may need to hold on to their broomsticks for a little longer. While there is no official announcement that this title will be making its way to Nintendo’s hybrid system, we can only imagine that it will sooner than later.

While you wait, feel free to try it on your PC or Xbox with Xbox Game Pass so you can get a taste of what to expect from the game. You’ll be able to partake in all sorts of witchy rituals, and start making your own potions and candies to bring in some extra money in the game, as well!

Little Witch In The Woods is available now on Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Mac.

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