Little Witch in the Woods: Complete Potion & Candy Recipe List

Find out what this witch can brew!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re a fan of witchcraft and life sims, Little Witch In The Woods has you covered. A surprisingly in-depth indie life sim, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got yourself prepared to survive and make some cash while living out in the barren woodlands. You’ll be able to partake in some witchy activities, including brewing potions and making candy, and you’ve got a large list of different types you can create.

You’ll be able to get your hands on recipes in many different ways, from buying them, to completing story missions and side quests. You’ll want to make sure that you’re chatting with just about everyone because you never know what you’ll come across! Let’s take a look at this charming title, and find out what you’ll be able to craft!

Making Potions and Candy In Little Witch Of The Woods

You’ve got a lot of options ahead of you, so you’ll want to be prepared to get into the finer details of items to find, and make sure that you’ve got everything prepared properly. Stirring your potions the wrong way can spell disaster, so make sure you’ve got our helpful guide at your side to always come out ahead!

Recipe Ingredients Heat Stir Direction
Back Scratcher Candy Bird Flower Water, One Eye Frog Roast, Bush Bug Extract Level 4 None
Cough Candy Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur, Smile Bubble Extract Level 2 Clockwise
Curse Detection Candy Dried Pompom Feather, Baked Tinkle Spider Level 2 Counter-Clockwise
Curse-Lifting Candy Squishychub Fur Extract, Maple Herb Extract Level 3 None
Dream Recollection Potion One Eye Frog Roast, Wetland Grass Water, Blue Moon Butterfly Extract Level 1 Counter-Clockwise
Enhance Intellect Potion Dried Pumpkin Terrier Fur, Bird Flower Water Level 3 None
Firecracker Potion Baked Tinkle Spider, One Eye Frog Roast, Little Mandrake Roast Level 3 Clockwise
Healing Candy Witchflower Extract, Maple Herb Extract Level 4 Clockwise
Lunar’s Oil Moonflower Water, Phoenix Feather Powder Level 1 None
Nutrition Potion Silver Starbell Pollen Extract, Maple Herb Extract, Bush Bug Extract Level 3 Clockwise
Pink Star Juice Smile Bubble Extract, Baked Tinkle Spider, Maple Herb Extract Level 2 Clockwise
Silver Star Juice Smile Bubble Extract, Baked Tinkle Spider, Silver Starbell Pollen Extract Level 2 Clockwise
Soft Candy Little Mandrake Roast, Bush Bug Extract, Baked Tinkle Spider Level 3 Counter-Clockwise
Sunlight Potion Witchflower Extract, Maple Herb Extract, Squishychub Fur Extract Level 5 Clockwise
Tears of the Moon Moonflower Water, Sacred Water Level 2 Clockwise
Weed Terminator Potion Squishychub Fur Extract, Wtichflower Extract Level 4 None
Yellow Star Juice Smile Bubble Extract, Baked tinkle Spider, Bush Bug Extract Level 2 Clockwise

And there we have it, all of the currently craftable recipes available within the world of Little Witch In The Woods! You’ll find yourself swept away in a fanciful world as you join in on the adventures of Ellie and learn more about the world that she inhabits! If you’re curious about this title, you’ll be able to check it out on Xbox Game Pass!

Little Witch In The Woods is available now on Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Mac.

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