Is Monster Hunter Rise Cross Platform? Answered

Can hunters play with their friends on other platforms in Monster Hunter Rise?

by Marc Magrini
Monster Hunter Rise PC Release Date and More
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Those who haven’t checked out a Monster Hunter game yet might be curious to know if Rise allows for cross-platform play.

Many titles in this franchise have put heavy focus into multiplayer systems, to the point where most games are balanced around groups rather than solo hunters. Monster Hunter Rise abandons this line of balancing entirely, but it still supports the chance for four players to team up and hunt hordes of monsters together. But will they be able to do that if their friends are on separate platforms?

Does Monster Hunter Rise Support Cross-Platform Play?

Unfortunately, Monster Hunter Rise has no cross-play support. As of now, all updates — including the Sunbreak-exclusive ones — are available on all platforms. Despite this, separate platforms are unable to play together outside of cross-generation capabilities.

In other words, PS4 hunters can play with those on PS5, but they can’t reach out to Xbox, PC, or Switch players.

Capcom has clarified its awareness of cross-play being a highly requested feature. But in this statement, they also mentioned how they were “unable” to add the feature in any updates.

No previous Monster Hunter game has managed to boast cross-play before, so it might simply be a case of Rise’s internal systems not being able to support it. The best thing fans can hope for is the possibility of cross-play being featured in the next Monster Hunter game.

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Due to Monster Hunter Rise’s lack of cross-play, the platform you choose can be especially important if you want to play with other people. PC, PlayStation, and Xbox have improved graphical quality and framerates, but the Switch version’s player base had almost a year to grow beyond the Windows release.

Rise on Switch is probably your best bet if you want to play with a great variety of random players, but if you already have a group of friends ready to join the hunt, you might get more enjoyment out of the other platforms.

- This article was updated on November 22nd, 2023

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