Is Silent Hill: The Short Message Available on PC?

Of course I want to play a first-person horror game game on PC

by Davi Braid

The announcement of a new Silent Hill during Sony’s State of Play event led to inevitable questions among PC players: Is Silent Hill: The Short Message available on PC?

Although we’ve heard about The Short Message before, I don’t think anyone expected it to be a free-to-play first-person Silent Hill game. Will only PlayStation 5 owners be able to enjoy this title? Let’s dive in!

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Can You Play Silent Hill: The Short Message on PC?

Unfortunately, Silent Hill: The Short Message is not available on PC or Xbox, as it’s a PlayStation 5 exclusive. This should not be surprising considering that it was announced during Sony’s State of Play, an event where we usually see news about upcoming games headed to the PS5, and they’re often exclusive to this platform. On top of that, Konami and the Bloober Team, the developers of Silent Hill: The Short Message, are known for releasing games as exclusives to the platforms on which they were announced.

Image: Konami

Platform exclusivity, while beneficial for console manufacturers, often leaves gamers divided and can influence purchasing decisions. For instance, a dedicated PC gamer might feel compelled to invest in a PS5 to experience Silent Hill: The Short Message. This exclusivity can also impact the game’s community, limiting interactions and shared experiences to a single platform. Despite these drawbacks, exclusivity deals can fund game development and lead to unique gaming experiences that might not have been possible otherwise.

Although we might speculate if The Short Message will be available on PC and Xbox in the future, not only is it unlikely, but it’s also impossible to tell. Many exclusive games such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and Horizon Zero Dawn eventually came out on PC, so there’s always hope. But for now, if you want to play The Short Message, you will have to do it on a PS5, which can be an annoyance to PC gamers and Xbox owners.

- This article was updated on February 5th, 2024

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