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Is Valorant Coming to PS4 and Xbox One?

Is Riot's free-to-play shooter on consoles?

by Diego Perez


Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter developed by Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends. The game mixes the precision shooting of Counter-Strike with the abilities of Overwatch, providing players with ten unique characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. The game is designed from the ground up for PC, but Riot has expressed interest in bringing the game to other platforms in the future. The beta is currently ongoing on PC, with invites steadily being rolled out via Twitch drops, but will Valorant come to Xbox One and PS4 when it launches this summer?

Is Valorant on Xbox One and PS4?

Right now, Valorant is only available on PC. Riot’s other games are also only on PC, but the company has recently started to divert some of its resources to other platforms like mobile devices and consoles. League of Legends is coming to mobile and consoles in the form of League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics has already made its way to iOS and Android alongside a PC release. When it comes to Valorant, Riot is only focused on the PC version of the game right now, but they haven’t outright denied the possibility of an Xbox One or PS4 version of the game.

Speaking to popular Twitch streamer TimTheTatMan, Riot Games lead designed Trevor Romleski stated “Our focus right now is on PC. We’re open to exploring new opportunities for other platforms, but for the time being, what our current focus is, is on the PC platform.” League of Legends has been exclusively available on PC since it first released over a decade ago, and now that game is heading to consoles in the near future, so there is still hope for Xbox One and PS4 versions of Valorant.

While it’s in beta right now, Valorant is set to release on PC sometime this summer. The game will be completely free-to-play.

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