Last of Us Part 2 – How to Get into the Supermarket and onto the Roof

Get into the supermarket using the hole in the roof

by Kyle Hanson

The world of The Last of Us Part 2 is certainly challenging. Featuring roving bands of infected humans who will kill you on sight along with factions of intelligent humans that will pretty much do the same, it can be scary out there. But one of the toughest challenges while playing the game involves simple navigation. Battling the infected is easy compared to figuring out where to go and what to do at times, so here’s a quick guide on one of the earliest of these puzzles. Here’s how to get into the supermarket and onto the roof in The Last of Us Part 2.

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How to Get into the Supermarket

One of the first tasks your given while playing The Last of Us Part 2 is to find your way into a nearby supermarket. Ellie thinks there may be infected inside, and she’s certainly right, but before she can find out she needs to find her way up to the roof. This seems to be the only available entrance into the building, which you find during the prologue of the game.

Simply by following the path laid in front of you you’ll make your way to the back area of the supermarket, where a truck full of groceries seems stuck in time delivering them. This is found just after the larger courtyard area where a few infected give you trouble. If you’re stuck here, just wait a little while and Dina will point out the van nearby can be climbed over. Once you do you’ll find the semi-truck and can go prone to crawl under it. After a quick cutscene you’re left with the puzzle of finding out how to get onto the supermarket roof.

How to Get onto the Supermarket Roof

This is one of those “puzzles” that seems simple once you figure it out. You crawled under the truck to get to this area and you’ll climb over it to get to the next. check inside for supplies first though, as there’s some useful items inside, no matter the difficulty. Once you’ve cleared the area just walk to the front of the semi-truck and climb on top using the jump button. Jump across the gap (or climb here instead) to get to the very top of the trailer itself. Then just walk over and climb onto the roof.

Jump through the hole and you’re inside the supermarket itself. Though you may now wonder how to get out. But that’s how to get into the supermarket and onto the roof in The Last of Us Part 2.