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Last of Us Part 2 – How to Open Locked Doors or Get into Locked Rooms

How to get into locked rooms

by Kyle Hanson


The world of The Last of Us Part 2 simply begs to be explored. Whether it’s the gorgeous scenery or the many collectibles, there’s always something new around every corner. But sometimes you can’t get around that corner, or through that door. The game puts a lot of locked doors in your way that usually hide various rewards, such as crafting material or upgrades. We’ll explore some specifics, but to help with them all here’s some tips for how to open locked doors or get into locked rooms in The Last of Us Part 2.

How to Get into Locked Rooms

Before diving into any particular locked doors, such as the one in the library or down in the basement (general descriptions to avoid spoilers), let’s go over some generic tips for getting past them all. The first and most important is to always look for a window. Unlike many other games, The Last of Us Part 2 lets you break many types of window, and they use this to hide these rewards behind locked doors.

Inside the TV station, for example, you’ll find a locked room near the security entrance. It might baffle you if you have forgotten about the breakable windows, which are right next to the door. Simply hit them and you can climb in though. This is the case for most of the locked doors in The Last of Us Part 2 actually, though sometimes you need to get creative about finding the window or alternative entrance.

Look up as much as you can and sometimes you’ll spot a new way in. This is the case, to an extreme, for the locked fence area Ellie finds while navigating through the flooded streets of Seattle in a boat. Stopping in a garage of sorts, the fenced area has tons of useful items in it. To get in you actually need to go upstairs and search around until you spot a moveable container that hides a crawlspace you can use to get inside. The lesson is to always explore the entire area to find the alternate way in.

How to Open Locked Doors

Once inside of any locked area you should be able to unlock and open the previously locked door. This will allow free access until you move on, so explore the whole area and make sure you’ve gotten everything inside. Though some locked rooms require more.

The previous examples are specific scenarios to give more open tips. Other doors do require some more unique advice though, including some that contain safes with their own special combinations. While exploring a basement area as Ellie you’ll find a locked door with a keypad. The code requires you to search around and piece together some info, but if you don’t want to do all of that here it is: 15243.

That should explain how to open locked doors in The Last of Us Part 2 with a few key examples that should get you through almost any door in the game.

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