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Last of Us Part 2 – Supermarket Safe Combination

How to open the supermarket safe

by Kyle Hanson


Throughout your journey across half of the Cordyceps infected western US you’ll come across a multitude of safes. These supply caches may contain vital upgrades or simply material that will help you tackle the challenges ahead. The very first is found inside of a supermarket that Ellie and Dina are exploring as they check for infected around their home of Jackson. There’s only one clue for getting in, but you may not find it and it’s a little cryptic. So here’s the supermarket safe combination in The Last of Us Part 2.

Supermarket Safe Combination

You’ll stumble across this locked safe within the supermarket on the upper floors. If you check all the nearby items you’ll find a note giving you the clue to how to open the safe and get to the valuable items inside. It is a bit of a joke though, simply saying the combination is when a certain “good boy” earned Employee of the Month. If you were looking closely at the wall when entering you might have noticed it, but if you want to solve this puzzle on your own you can go back out and check it out.

Be careful here as you explore though as going through the wrong opening will lock you out of accessing this safe from now on. You don’t need to go through any of the openings, the wall is right nearby. If you look closely you’ll see that a dog won Employee of the Month in July 2013, which translates to a safe combination of 07-20-13. Head back and enter this into the safe and you’ll open it right up and can grab all the upgrade and crafting material inside.

And that’s the supermarket safe combination in The Last of Us Part 2. There are many more out there though, so check out our full safe combination guide for the rest.

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