Lies of P Alidoro Choice | Send the Hunter to Hotel Krat or Vengrini Works?

Should you send Alidoro to Hotel Krat or Vengrini Works in Lies of P?

by Christian Bognar
Lies of P Hunter Location
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Alidoro is one of the most important side characters in Lies of P. He’s a treasure hunter that you can find that offers boss weapons and amulets in exchange for rare ergo. When you first encounter Alidoro, he’ll ask you for a safe place he can go. Read further to learn whether you should send Alidoro to Hotel Krat or Vengrini Works in Lies of P.

Where Should You Send Alidoro in Lies of P?

“Do you know of a safe place?” is the first thing Alidoro will ask you when you first encounter him in chapter 4. Sending Alidoro to Hotel Krat or Vengrini Works in Lies of P depends on the ending you hope to achieve when you beat the game.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Sending Alidoro to Hotel Krat

Sending Alidoro to Hotel Krat is the answer for players who want to tell the truth the entire game and get the “Free From the Puppet String” ending. Alidoro is asking P if he knows of a safe place, and P indeed knows of Hotel Krat, so sending Alidoro to Hotel Krat is the truth. This will automatically place Alidoro in the western wing of Hotel Krat next time you visit.

Sending Alidoro to Vengrini Works

If you want to lie through the entire Lies of P playthrough, you’ll want to send Alidoro to Vengrini Works. This doesn’t lock you out of purchasing boss weapons from him, as you can find him near the Workshop Union Stargazer. Speaking to him at this location, he’ll ask again if you know of a safe place. Lie again if you want to achieve the game’s all-lies “Rise of P” ending.

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No matter what answer you give to Alidoro, he will eventually show up at Hotel Krat at some point in your playthrough. He may be frustrated with you if you initially lied to him, but he’ll still allow access to his shop of goods for boss weapons and amulets. So, don’t worry about that.

Keep in mind that at some points in the story, Alidoro will go missing and leave Hotel Krat. This just means he’s located somewhere in the level you’re currently on in the main story, on the main path. It’s almost impossible to miss him.

- This article was updated on September 25th, 2023

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