Should You Accept the Red Fox’s Offer in Lies of P?

Should you accept or refuse the Red Fox's offer in Lies of P?

by Christian Bognar
Lies of P Red Fox Offer Accept or Refuse
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The Red Fox and Black Cat of Lies of P have ulterior motives. But the game is about making choices; you have a big one to make with the Red Fox. When entering the Malum District for the first time, you’ll encounter both NPCs who want to chat with you. The Red Fox asks you to help them attack the Black Bandit Brotherhood. This guide will answer whether you should accept or refuse the Red Fox’s offer in Lies of P.

Red Fox’s Offer: Both Outcomes in Lies of P

Deciding on whether to accept or refuse the Red Fox’s offer in Lies of P depends on whether you want to fight the Black Cat and Red Fox at the end of the game. Accepting the offer puts you on their good side while refusing will put you on their bad side and will be something they never forget throughout the playthrough.

If you accept the offer of the Red Fox, both characters will follow you through the level and help you take down its enemies. Eventually, right before reaching the Black Bandit Brotherhood, they will stay behind and go their separate ways.

Refusing the offer will end the interaction, and you will have to complete the level alone.

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How to Avoid Red Fox and Black Cat Boss Fights

Accepting the offer isn’t the end of avoiding the Black Cat and Red Fox boss fights at the end of the game. Instead, you’ll have a few more encounters with the characters that require you to make the right choice and keep them pleased with you. Below is a compiled list of all interactions with the Black Cat and Red Fox and how you should answer to avoid their mini-boss fights in the end-game.

  • Chapter 3: Workshop Union – None
  • Chapter 5: Malum District – Accept the offer
  • Chapter 7: Grand Exhibition – Give Gold Coin Fruit (grab one from the tree if you don’t have one).
  • Chapter 11: Arche Abbey Outer Wall – Give Gold Coin Fruit (Black Fox)
  • Chapter 11: Arche Abbey Outer Wall – Give Gold Coin Fruit (Red Fox)

Instead of a boss fight, they will be thankful and reward you with the Black Cat Mask and Red Fox Mask.

- This article was updated on September 20th, 2023

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