Lies of P Belle Quest Guide | Where to Find Atkinson

Here is how you can find Atkinson and complete Belle's quest in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
Belle Quest Lies of P
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Belle’s quest is one of the last side quests players can complete in Lies of P. Your objective is to find Belle’s friend, who is named Atkinson. Belle is very worried about him, not knowing where he could be. This guide will cover finding Atkinson in Lies of P and completing Belle’s quest.

How to Find Atkinson for Belle in Lies of P

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First, to start Belle’s quest in Lies of P, you must speak to her in chapter 7 at the Grand Exhibition Gallery. After talking to her and defeating the final boss of chapter 7, she will appear at Hotel Krat. This is when she asks you to find her friend Atkinson. Follow the steps below to find Atkinson in Lies of P.

To find Atkinson in Lies of P, fast travel to the Krat Central Station Platform Stargazer in chapter 9. From here, go through the door on the left and immediately through the gated door on the right.

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If this door is not open for you, continue through the level, and you will casually run into this door to open it. In other words, it’s on the main path and impossible to miss.

Once through the door, take the small staircase down to the ground level.

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Immediately turn around at the bottom of the stairs, and you will notice an opening in the train cargo. You will find Atkinson inside of this train cargo.

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Upon entering the train, Atkinson will beg you not to kill him and say he wants to speak with you. Unfortunately, I attacked Atkinson, thinking he was an enemy, accidentally killing him. Don’t do anything you regret here, and know that Atkinson is friendly. If you kill him, you won’t get a valuable reward.

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Atkinson will beg the player to return a letter to Belle and inform her that he died like a Soldier. With this letter in hand, return to Belle at Hotel Krat.

Speaking to Belle will allow the player to make one of two choices: tell her he became a monster (true) or that he died in action fighting a puppet (lie). I recommend lying here as the rewards are better, where you will receive the Why Record and an Electric Blitz Canister.

- This article was updated on September 25th, 2023

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