Lies of P: Best P-Organ Abilities to Unlock First

These are the best abilities you should unlock first for the P-Organ in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
Lies of P P Organ Best Abilities to Unlock First
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The P-Organ in Lies of P is essentially a skill tree, something we don’t see often in Soulslike games. It’s a great way to fine-tune your build and make P unstoppable in the end game. At the beginning of the game, knowing where to invest your Quartz can be tricky, considering the item is so scarce. This guide will cover the best abilities to unlock first for the P-Organ in Lies of P.

Which Abilities Should You Unlock First on the P-Organ in Lies of P?

When players first unlock the P-Organ skill tree in Lies of P, they will likely already have two Quartz on hand. These Quartz are found through the game’s first chapter and can be inserted into slots on the P-Organ. At the start, it takes two Quartz to complete an entire ability slot (gradually increases as you progress higher into the P-Organ), but each Quartz allows players to choose a unique buff from a list.

In the early game, there are two ability slots you should unlock first in the P-Organ skill tree of Lies of P. These are Link Dodge and Increase Pulse Cells 1. The former will allow you to double dodge, while the latter will add an extra Pulse Cell for healing. I recommend putting two Quartz into Increase Pulse Cells 1 first and then two Quartz into Link Dodge. Remember, it takes two Quartz to successfully complete and unlock an ability slot.

With that said, each time you insert a Quartz you will get to choose a buff. Below are the buffs you should choose when adding Quartz to the ability slots in the early game.

  • Enhance Fable Arts ATK 1 (Attack Type) – Unlocking this ability will increase the damage of your Fable Arts, helping to Stagger tough enemies and bosses. The increase in damage on an already powerful attack can get you out of a pickle fast.
  • Lowers Charge Attack Stamina Consumption 1 (Ability Type) – This allows you to make more charge attacks at the cost of less stamina. Charged attacks are powerful and can help stagger enemies.
  • Increase Staggered Duration 1 (Attack Type) – This will increase the length of time an enemy remains staggered, giving you more time to land a charged attack. This will help a ton in early-game boss battles.
  • Perfect Guard Fable Charge Enhancee 1 (Ability Type) – From now on, every time you perfect guard, you will fill up your Fable Arts Meter, allowing you to execute more Fable Arts

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P-Organ Buff Types Explained

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The P-Organ offers four distinctive categories of buffs, each focusing on specific playstyles. They are as follows: Attack Type, Survival Type, Ability Type, and Item Type. Below is a brief overview of what they cover.

  • Attack Type – Increasing attacks such as Stagger, Fable Arts, etc.
  • Defense Type – Helps with defense such as more Pulse Cells, Absorb more damage, etc.
  • Ability Type – Focuses on Perfect Guard, Weapon Durability, Legion, and more.
  • Item Type – Increases Throwable and Consumable possession limit, Ergo acquisition, and more.

As you get further into the game, selecting the option to hold more Throwables may be wise. This will allow you to deal serious damage to fast-moving enemies from afar, which can significantly help.

- This article was updated on September 19th, 2023

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