Lies of P: Where to Find Apartment 221b on Elysion Boulevard

Here's how you can find apartment 221b and solve the Crafted Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
Lies of P Apartment 221b location
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Lies of P is a game filled with secrets to uncover. Whether it’s solving side quests with NPC’s or deciphering Cryptic Vessels — there’s a reward for doing so. One Cryptic Vessel asks players to go to apartment 221b in Elysion Boulevard, a reasonably large area. In this guide, we will walk you through how to find apartment 221b on Elysion Boulevard and solve the Cryptic Vessel.

Where is Apartment 221b in Lies of P?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Your first order in the Crafted Cryptic Vessel on Elysion Boulevard is to strike the hanging puppet on the Alchemist Bridge (the area where you fought the Mad Donkey boss), which you can do by throwing any item at it. After striking the hanging puppet and grabbing the apartment key and note, players can find apartment 221b in Lies of P by fast-traveling to the “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard” Stargazer.

From here, continue straight out the door and take a right. Be careful, walk over the small plank, and immediately to your right, you will find the correct apartment. Use the key to get inside.

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Inside apartment 221b, you will find a glowing safe, which you can open and obtain a reward. The reward will be a Quartz for unlocking bonuses on the P-Organ and an outfit you can equip to make P look more stylish! This concludes the final step in the Cryptic Vessel. If you would like to put on the outfit, you can equip the costume by heading into the main menu, selecting the bag, and then toggling to the costumes tab.

How Many Cryptic Vessels Are There in Lies of P

By the looks of it, only five Cryptic Vessels are available in Lies of P. This is believed to be true because there are only five sections under “Cryptic Vessel” in the Collectible tab of the main menu. Still, considering Lies of P holds many secrets, more sections may become available as you thoroughly explore the dark world.

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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