Lies of P: How to Expand Polendinas and Pulcenella’s Shop at Hotel Krat

Here's how you can expand the shop for Polendina and Pulcenella at Hotel Krat in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
How to Increase Shop Size at Hotel Krat Lies of P
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Lies of P has many valuable items to help players get through even the game’s most challenging fights. Whether it’s consumables, throwables, upgrade materials, etc., you will need it. The most reliable shops to go to are Pulcinella and Polendina, considering they are always available for you at Hotel Krat. The downfall is that their shop is minimal to begin with. This guide will cover how to expand Pulcinella and Polendina’s shop in Lies of P.

How to Increase Inventory Size for Polendina and Pulcenella in Lies of P

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Players can expand the shops for Pulcinella and Polendina in Lies of P by finding Supply Boxes scattered throughout the game’s chapters. Supply Boxes are usually found in treasure chests and are well-hidden off the main path, so ensure you thoroughly explore every nook and cranny of all the game’s levels.

When you find a Supply Box, the game will notify you that you should bring it back to Hotel Krat, which you can then give it to Polendina and Pulcinella and expand their shops. Depending on the supply box you hand over, each can add essential items such as throwables, upgrade materials, or repair kits.

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How Many Supply Boxes Are in Lies of P?

At the time of writing, it’s unknown how many Supply Boxes there are in Lies of P. Considering the game has many secrets to discover and hidden paths, it’s likely there is a good amount ready to be found on your playthrough.

Remember that when you see a treasure chest in the open (which glows and is hard to miss), there is usually a challenging enemy that protects it. Be on your guard and get ready to fight, and hopefully, that chest contains a Supply Box you have been searching for.

The further you progress into the game and reach the end-game chapters, the supply boxes you find will reward you with better items at the shop. For example, in chapter 9, I found a supply box that expanded the shop size for Polendina and added Full Moonstone of the Covenant, which allows a special weapon to be upgraded to +5. Keep in mind that some items in the shops are limited and can only be purchased up to a certain amount of times before being sold out.

- This article was updated on September 15th, 2023

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