Lies of P Leveling Guide: Best Stats to Level Up First

Learn which stats you should level up first in Lies of P!

by Christian Bognar
Lies of P Combat Review
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Lies of P is an extremely tough game; there’s no doubt about it. As you begin your adventure through the dark world of Pinocchio, you’ll have the chance to level up specific stats. These stats are similar to other Souls games, where some may be more important than others at the start. This guide will go over the best stats to level up first in Lies of P.

Which Stats Should You Level Up First in Lies of P?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Lies of P has six stats that players can level up in Lies of P: Vitality, Vigor, Capacity, Motivity, Technique, and Advance. Let’s go over what each stat means, and then we’ll go over recommendations on which is the best to level up first.

  • Vitality – Raises HP and Guard Regain.
  • Vigor – Raises Stamina and Defenses.
  • Capacity – Raises Weight Limit and Legion Capacity.
  • Motivity – Increases attack power for Motivity scaling (heavier weapons) and Defenses by a minor amount.
  • Technique – Increases attack power for Technique scaling (quick weapons) and Defenses by a minor amount.
  • Advance – Increases attack power for Throwing items and Legion Arm.

Out of all six stats, the three you should focus on in the early game are Vitality, Vigor, and whichever stat that scales best with your weapon. For example, if you have a weapon with a B in Motivity but a C in Technique, you should focus on leveling Motivity to get the most out of each level. This will raise your attack power the most.

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Vitality and Vigor are critical in the early game as they will be the most important stat to get you through the game’s challenging bosses. Higher Vitality equals more health and will allow you to survive longer and take more damage. Additionally, it raises your Gaurd Regain, which means you’ll get more health back after blocking successive attacks. On the other hand, higher Vigor means higher stamina, allowing you to block and dodge more in combat, which you are constantly doing in fights.

Considering there aren’t a lot of heavy armor parts to equip to P in the early game, Capacity is not as important right away. As you progress further into the game, heavier parts will start appearing that help with resistance, such as physical, shock, fire, etc. This is when you should start investing in Capacity to equip better parts for your defense.

- This article was updated on September 15th, 2023

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