Lies of P Combat Style: Should You Pick Balance, Dexterity, or Strength?

This guide aims to help you choose a starting class/combat style in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
Lies of P Starting Classes and Combat Styles
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Lies of P has a ton of weapons and Legion Arms that allow players to customize and create some unique builds. At the beginning of the game, you’ll have the chance to pick a Combat Style, otherwise known as a class. You have three options here: Path of the Cricket (balance), Bastard (dexterity), and Sweeper (strength). Which one is right for you? Hopefully, this guide makes it easy for you as we will go over each class in Lies of P.

Which Starting Combat Style Should You Choose in Lies of P?

While players can respec their character about halfway through their playthrough, picking a starting class can help in the early game. It helps because it allows you to choose a playstyle you’re going for essentially, as well as a starting weapon. Let’s review each combat style and class for Lies of P below.

Path of the Cricket – Balance

Path of the Cricket will be the one most players will choose as it spreads the stats evenly across the board. You should choose this class if you want the most accessible experience and leniency when leveling up stats. The starting weapon, Puppet’s Saber Blade, is great here and has a C scaling for both Motivity and Technique. You can find the starting stats for the Path of the Cricket below.

  • Vitality – 9
  • Vigor – 7
  • Capacity – 8
  • Motivity – 9
  • Technique – 9
  • Advance – 7

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Path of the Bastard – Dexterity

The Path of the Bastard class is for those who want to focus on lighter weapons, such as Daggers and Rapiers, and dodge more often. In other words, players who want their character to be quicker with attacks and movement should pick this class. The Path of the Bastard starts with a higher level of Technique, a stat that always scales well with quick weapons. This class also begins with a higher Vigor for stamina.

The starting weapon for this class, Wintry’s Rapier’s Blade, has a B scaling in Technique. Check out all the starting stats for Path of the Bastard below.

  • Vitality – 8
  • Vigor – 12
  • Capacity – 7
  • Motivity – 5
  • Technique – 11
  • Advance – 6

Path of the Sweeper – Strength

The Path of the Sweeper is a solid choice for players who plan on wielding larger weapons at the cost of speed. Larger weapons tend to do more damage in Lies of P, so if your ultimate goal is to have the highest damage output, this is the class for you. The Path of the Sweeper also gives players more Vitality, Capacity, and Motivity. Respectively, those target, health, weight limit, and strength weapon scaling. Just keep in mind that you will be starting with a very measly amount of Vigor (Stamina).

The starting weapon for this class is the Greatsword of Fate Blade, which has a B scaling in Motivity. You can find all the stats for The Path of the Sweeper below.

  • Vitality – 11
  • Vigor – 5
  • Capacity – 11
  • Motivity – 11
  • Technique – 5
  • Advance – 6

For beginners to Soulslike games, I recommend choosing Path of the Cricket for the balanced approach. This way, you have solid stats across the board, and then when your skill level is higher, you can do a second playthrough with dexterity or strength.

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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