Lies of P Weapon Tier List

Check out our tier list for all the weapons in Lies of P!

by Christian Bognar
Lies of P All Weapon Tier List
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Lies of P offers a variety of weapons for players to choose from, allowing freedom to build customization. Not all weapons are created equal, though; some are considered the best and some — not so much.

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This guide will explore all the weapons in Lies of P and put them into a tier list so you know which ones you should lean toward and which ones to avoid.

All Weapons in Lies of P Ranked

There are a total of 40 weapons in Lies of P: 29 standard weapons and 11 special weapons (boss weapons). Most players think that all boss weapons fall under the S tier. However, this is not necessarily true. Check out the grid below for a definitive tier list of all weapons in Lies of P.

SPuppet Ripper, Two Dragon’s Sword, Holy Sword of the Ark, Trident of the Covenant
AFrozen Feast, Etiquette, Golden Lie, Salamander Dagger, Coil Mjolnir, Exploding Pickaxe, Noblesse Oblige, Uroboros’s Eye, Seven Coil Spring Sword, Proof of Humanity, Fire Axe, Spear of Honor
BCircular Electric Chainsaw, Acidic Great Curved Sword, Big Pipe Wrench, Carcass Crystal Axe, Live Puppet’s Axe, Acidic Crystal Spear, Electric Coil Stick, Black Steel Cutter, Blind Man’s Double-Sided Spear, Bramble Curved Sword, City Long Spear, Puppet’s Saber, Tyrant’s Murderer’s Dagger
CWintry Rapier, Pistol Rock Drill, Bone Cutting Saw, Booster Glaive, Clock Sword, Cursed Knight’s Halberd, Dancer’s Curved Sword, Greatsword of Fate, Master Chef’s Knife
DMilitary Shovel, Krat Police Baton

Read further to learn about the standout weapons and why we believe they fit right at home in their selected tiers!

Lies of P S-Tier Weapons

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The weapons that fall under the S tier are the best of the best and can last the player the entirety of the game, dealing significant damage to even the most demanding bosses. You’ll find some standout names in this tier, which I consider the top dogs — Puppet Ripper and Two Dragon’s Sword. 

The Puppet Ripper is a boss weapon, meaning you can’t swap out the handle, but you don’t need to, considering how amazing it is by default. It has two fable arts: Quick Upward Slash and Storm Spinning Slash. Both deal enormous damage, each capable of staggering enemies with one blow. Add on the fact that the Puppet Ripper charged swing can go through walls, and you can kill enemies before they even notice you.

On the other hand, the Two Dragon’s Sword has the Link Emergency Dodge and the Wind of Swords Fable Arts. The former can save you from a fatal blow as it allows for a free dodge, while the latter shoots a wave of swords forward, dealing high AoE damage to all enemies in the area.

Lies of P A-Tier Weapons

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The weapons in the A tier came very close to making it into S, but we just couldn’t put them in the same category as the big guys up top. Still, we have excellent weapons in the A tier that players of any skill level will find helpful. I want to point out two in particular: Etiquette and Salamander Dagger.

Etiquette is one of the most unique boss weapons in the game as an umbrella, but don’t let the design throw you off — this weapon is a beast. This powerful weapon has an A scaling in Technique, meaning its base damage is fantastic, while also including deadly fable arts that work perfectly against bosses. The Single Stab Fable Art shoots the weapon forward with all your strength, staggering in the process. At the same time, Absolute Counterattack will perfectly block any attack from a boss, which can be all you need to survive the fight.

The Salamander Dagger is one of the best early-game weapons you can find, having a C and B scaling in Technique and Advance, respectively. This quick and easy-to-use dagger deals fire damage to any enemy who dares to come close, adding passive damage and increasing the overall damage output. Upgrading the Salamander Dagger further will increase the potency of the fire, burning everyone and draining enemies’ health bars faster.

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Lies of P B-Tier Weapons

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The weapons in the B tier are great, although they have more weaknesses than the others mentioned earlier. Options in this category can deal decent damage, have some useful Fable Arts, and include some of the best handles in the game for mix and matching. That said, if you don’t mix and match the handles, you will find that these weapons will decline in value as you push into the endgame.

If you must choose from this list at your current point in the game, pick the Big Pipe Wrench and the Acidic Great Curved Sword. These are the two best options available in B Tier.

The Big Pipe Wrench is excruciatingly slow to swing, but the damage it deals makes it worth it. If you get your timing down and learn when to start swinging, you can defeat the smaller enemies in the game with one hit without taking any damage. It’s extremely difficult to master this weapon enough to make it work against the faster bosses, so use it at your own risk.

The Acidic Great Curved Sword is another heavy weapon, although it includes acid that will act as passive damage. Acid is the best status effect in the game, arguably better than fire, where the passive damage it deals is very high and enough to wither elite enemies’ health to zero. Just be cautious as this great sword can be hard to master since it doesn’t have the greatest range.

Lies of P C-Tier Weapons

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C Tier is where we get into options that won’t get you very far in the late game against enemies and bosses. They aren’t necessarily terrible, but I recommend you remove them as soon as possible. When I had no other options, I found the Wintry Rapier and Master’s Chef Knife to be the best options out of all of these.

The Wintry Rapier is the starting weapon for the Path of the Bastard and offers quick slashes that will get you far in the early half of the game. With that said, it’s not wise to put all your resources into upgrading it because even when leveled up far, it won’t do much for you in the mid-to-end game. Save your upgrade materials for better weapons in this tier list.

The same goes for the Master’s Chef Knife — it can be great for the time being but shouldn’t be upgraded as it will be a waste of upgrade materials. It’s fast and has a good scaling Technique, but the range suffers big time, which can be fatal against bosses.

Lies of P D-Tier Weapons

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Lastly, we have the D tier, and only two weapons fall under this category: the Military Shovel and the Police Baton. Only the most skilled Lies of P players will find these weapons helpful. But, for the average player like me, you will wonder why the developers even put these weapons in the game. Due to their lack of damage, range, and frustrations, most players should avoid D-tier weapons at all costs.

- This article was updated on January 4th, 2024

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