Lords of the Fallen: Best Progression Route

Check out the best way to progress through the story of Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
Where to Use the Fief Key in Lords of the Fallen

About halfway through Lords of the Fallen main quest, you’ll have a decision about which area you should visit first. There’s also a point at the beginning of the game where players can purchase the Pilgrim’s Perch key and venture into Belle’s Rise. But should you? This guide will cover the best progression route in Lords of the Fallen regarding difficulty.

What is the Best Progression Route in Lords of the Fallen?

It is recommended not to use the Pilgrim’s Perch key immediately and venture into Belle Rise. Instead, we have all levels mapped out for you below, which puts you on the perfect progression route regarding difficulty for Lords of the Fallen.

  1. Defiled Sepulchre
  2. Abandoned Redcopse
  3. Redcopse Village
  4. Skyrest Bridge
  5. Pilgrim’s Perch
  6. Forsaken Fen
  7. Shuja Hamlet
  8. Fitzroy’s Gorge
  9. Lower Calrath
  10. Upper Calrath Mining District
  11. Sunless Skein
  12. Revelations Depths
  13. Upper Calrath
  14. Fief of the Chill Curse (Use Fief Key at Vestige of Marco the Axe)
  15. Pilgrim’s Perch Belle Rise (Use Pilgrim’s Perch Key at Bellroom Vestige).
  16. Manse of the Hallowed Brothers
  17. Tower of Penance
  18. Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters
  19. Upper Calrath (From Skyrest Bridge)
  20. Bramis Castle

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This is the best progression route in Lords of the Fallen, as it will provide a steady increase in difficulty. As you progress through the early levels, you will level up your character, preparing you for the difficult end-game levels such as Belle Rise and Fief of the Chill Curse.

So, even though you can get the Pilgrim’s Perch key very early in your playthrough, staying on this progression path is recommended. If you are in New Game Plus, then go ahead and take on Belle Rise earlier.

If you end up not purchasing the Pilgrim’s Perch key from Stomund in Skyrest, don’t worry. Once you progress far enough in the main story, Stomund will drop the Pilgrim’s Perch key next to the Vestige in Skyrest, making it an impossible item to miss.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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