Lords of the Fallen: How to Clear An Umbral Entity Blocking Your Path

Here's how to clear an Umbral Entity blocking your path in Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
Umbral Entity Blocking Path Lords of the Fallen
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Lords of the Fallen has a ton of secrets to discover. As you progress through the game’s levels, you may have come across a message stating, “An Umbral Entitity blocks your path.” This can be confusing for some players on what to do, which is understandable. This guide will cover clearing an Umbral Entity blocking your path in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Solve the Umbral Entity is Blocking Your Path Puzzle in Lords of the Fallen

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

When you encounter an Umbral Entity blocking your path in Lords of the Fallen, you need to solve a puzzle in the Umbral Realm. When seeing this message, your first step is to transition completely to the Umbral Realm and search for points of interest in the environment. These points of interest are dark blue Soulfay targets with a monster sticking out of the wall. These are similar to when you move a platform in the Umbral Realm.

The easiest way to find these puzzles is to follow the vein from the Umbral Entity blocking your path, usually looking like a door with an eyeball. Follow the veins coming out the door, leading you to the Soulflay target. When you find it, lock onto the Soulfay target and use your Soulflay ability to destroy the target completely. This will eliminate the vein to the door.

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Keep in mind that some of these Umbral Entitys that block your path have three veins connecting to them, meaning you’ll need to hunt down three Soulflay targets. Others only have one, making the process quick and painless. Remember, they are usually nearby, meaning you don’t have to travel too far from the door to open it.

After destroying the Umbral Entity, you can now progress further into the level. Since going into the Umbral realm for these puzzles is mandatory, remember to look for a checkpoint vestige or plant a vestige seed to transition back to Axiom before waves of enemies come for you.

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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