Lords of the Fallen Max Level: What is the Level Cap?

Learn about the level cap in Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
What is the Level Cap in Lords of the Fallen?
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Are you trying to reach the max level in Lords of the Fallen? As you continue to level up your character, it will continuously take more Vigor than the previous levels. While there is no confirmation on how much Vigor will take to reach the highest level in the game, there is confirmation on the level cap. Read further to learn the level cap in Lords of the Fallen.

Does Lords of the Fallen Have a Level Cap?

While Lords of the Fallen technically has no level cap, players can only reach level 99 in each stat. Considering there are six different stats that players can invest points into, this surmounts to a total level of 540. This is based on the math that the Condemned starts at level 1 and has level 9 in each stat.

Once players reach level 540, they won’t be able to invest any more points into a stat, meaning they can’t level up any further. During my playthrough, it took around 40 hours to reach level 100. Only the most dedicated player will be able to reach 99 in each stat and will require them to head into new game plus for more Vigor.

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Image: Hexworks

What is the Soft Cap in Lords of the Fallen?

If you feel like leveling your character to its limit, that’s fine; just know that there are soft caps in Lords of the Fallen. The soft caps tend to start at level 50 of every stat, increasingly diminishing in value after players reach that number.

If you aren’t familiar with what a soft cap is, we will explain. A soft cap is a specific stat level where the player starts seeing diminishing returns and bonuses when investing points into it. For example, say you get plus 20 in health every time you level up Vitality until you reach level 50. Then, once after level 50, health only increases by 10. Once this starts to happen, it is called a soft cap, and it would be wise to invest your points elsewhere.

- This article was updated on October 16th, 2023

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