Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus: Everything That Carries Over

Learn about Lords of the Fallen new game plus with this guide.

by Christian Bognar
Lords of the Fallen Boss Review
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Like all Soulslike games, Lords of the Fallen has a new game-plus mode. It becomes available right after defeating the game’s final boss, allowing the player to play through the epic journey again. It’s essential for players to know what carries over into the second playthrough. This guide will cover everything that carries over in new game plus for Lords of the Fallen.

What Carries Over Into New Game Plus for Lords of the Fallen?

Players can expect mostly everything to carry over into the new game plus for Lords of the Fallen. Below is a compiled list of everything that carries over.

  • All Gear: Weapons, armor, shields, catalysts, ranged weapons, ammo, and all consumables currently in your inventory.
  • Cosmetics: Tincts
  • Gestures: You keep these, allowing you to use them for PvP.
  • Stats: Your character’s progression and level.
  • Virgo: All Virgo (experience points) is still in your possession.
  • Umbral Scouring: The items needed for purchasing from Remembrances are carried over.
  • Spells: All found spells.
  • Upgrade Materials: All found materials for the Blacksmith remain in your inventory.
  • Upgraded Sanquinarix: The level of your Sanguinarix remains, allowing you to upgrade it further.

As you can see, the most important parts of your character are carried over to new game plus in Lords of the Fallen. There are some differences in the second playthrough, though, which we will explain in the next section.

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All Changes in New Game Plus for Lords of the Fallen

The new game plus in Lords of the Fallen is meant to be more challenging than the first playthrough, meaning some changes make it so. Remember that if you don’t like these changes, you don’t have to go into new game plus instantly. You can decide not to and continue to explore Axiom and Umbral in your current game.

  • Vestiges: All main Vestiges are destroyed, instead of the one in Skyrest. Instead, you must use Vestige Seeds throughout the entire playthrough to create checkpoints.
  • NPC quests and functions: For example, you must free Gerlinde again for the Blacksmith. This applies to all NPC quests.
  • Remembrances: You need to obtain these again by defeating Heresy bosses.
  • Enemies are stronger: Enemies now hit harder, deal more damage and are more resistant to elemental effects.

There you have it, all the changes and what carries over into new game plus for Lords of the Fallen! Be prepared for what lies ahead by enhancing your gear fully and leveling your character as much as possible.

- This article was updated on October 14th, 2023

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