Lords of the Fallen Spells Guide: Best Radiant, Rhogar, and Umbral Spells

Here are the best spells for each school of magic in Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
Best Spells in Lords of the Fallen
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So you have decided to go for a school of magic or sword and shield in Lords of the Fallen? You have come to the right place. With over 70 spells in the game, it can be challenging to know which ones are worth it and which don’t stack up against the game’s challenge. This guide will cover the best Umbral, Rhogar, and Radiant spells in Lords of the Fallen.

Best Spells in Lords of the Fallen

Remember that to wield any of the three schools of magic in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll need the proper catalyst. For example, if you plan on casting Radiant spells, you need a Radiance Catalyst. Catalysts are found within the game world or can be purchased from vendors.

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Best Radiant Spells in Lords of the Fallen

Radiant spells are the best of both worlds, specializing in providing healing and buffs and damaging enemies. If you want to go full Radiant spellcaster, you’ll want to have at least one spell that can help with defense, health, and attack power. Below we have the best Radiant spells in Lords of the Fallen.

  • Radiant Flare: A Radiant flare that damages enemies directly ahead.
  • Aura of Tenacity: Surround yourself with a Radiant aura, which decreases damage received.
  • Sanctify: Bless the ground with a holy sigil that heals and cleanses the status effects of any allies who walk upon it.
  • Barbed Aura: Surround yourself with a Radiant aura that damages any enemies who strike it.
  • Radiant Guardian: Summon a holy guardian to attack any enemies within range with piercing blasts of Radiant sorcery.

Radiant Flare

From my personal experience, these are the best Radiant spells in Lords of the Fallen. First off, Radiant Flare is a simple, quick-casting spell that can deal damage from incredibly far out. This makes it easy to spam and kill the game’s numerous ranged enemies. Quickly increase its damage by increasing the Radiance stat and enhancing your catalyst.

Aura of Tenacity

Aura of Tenacity, Sanctify, and Barbed Aura will be your best friends for defense and health. Aura of Tenacity ultimately reduces the damage you receive, which can be incredibly helpful in hordes of enemies. Players can find Aura Tenacity in Skyrest while in the Umbral Realm, requiring a level 8 in Radiance.


Meanwhile, Sanctify will heal you while removing status effects, which is incredibly important in areas that focus on that, such as Upper and Lower Calrath. Sanctify is easily found after defeating the first boss, Pieta, and climbing to the tower in the arena. It requires a level 18 in Radiance.

Barbed Aura

Then there is Barbed Aura, a great way to punish your enemies for landing hits upon you, dealing damage right back at them. Players can get the Barbed Aura from Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis, in the later half of the game, and it requires Radiance to be at level 22.

Radiant Guardian

Lastly, you have Radiant Guardian, one of the best Radiant spells during a boss fight. This spell causes you to summon a guardian to launch projectiles at nearby enemies. This can be a great way to keep your distance from the boss while your guardian drains its health. The Radiant Guardian spell can be obtained from the Tancred, Master of Castigations Remembrance, and requires level 30 in Radiance.

Best Rhogar Spells in Lords of the Fallen

Rhogar, otherwise known as Inferno, focuses on dealing high damage while applying status effects upon the enemy. This is the best magic school for those confident in their dodging ability, who don’t need as many defensive and healing spells, and want to kill enemies as fast as possible. Check out the best Rhogar Inferno spells in Lords of the Fallen below.

  • Infernal Orb: Hurl an Orb of Fire.
  • Infernal Eruption: Spray a constant stream of lava from your hand, creating damaging puddles of molten rock.
  • Lava Burst: Hurl an exploding orb of fire.
  • Cataclysm: Summon a storm of meteors from the sky.
  • Infernal Hounds: Summon a pack of Rhogar hounds.

Infernal Orb

Infernal Orb is the starting spell for the Pyric Cultist and is a simple spell that deals fire damage from far away. Raising the Inferno stat and enhancing your catalyst will make this spell a force to reckon with. If you didn’t start as the Pyric Cultist, you can find the Lava Burst spell in the game world and require a level 8 in Inferno.

Infernal Eruption

Infernal Eruption is a great Rhogar spell that can help with crowd control, eliminating hordes. Spraying fire in front of you and then creating a puddle of lava can create passive damage as each enemy slowly has their health drained. Players can get the Infernal Eruption spell from the Tancred Master of Castigations and Reinhold the Immured Remembrance and give it to Molhu. Players need level 22 in Inferno to use this spell.

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Lava Burst

Lava Burst is essentially a more potent form of the Infernal Orb spell, a starting spell for the Pyric Cultist. Instead, with Lava Burst, you throw a fireball that explodes on impact, dealing incredible damage. Players can get the Lava Burst spell in the game world, requiring an 8 in Inferno to cast.


Cataclysm is a Rhogar spell that will get you out of a pickle and shouldn’t be used constantly, as it costs around 30 mana. But still, once you use this spell, it will rain down meteors upon your enemies, making it an excellent choice for when you feel surrounded. It is still being determined where you can find this spell, but we do know that it requires level 30 in Inferno to cast it.

Infernal Hounds

You know how the hounds in the game are the most annoying enemies to face? Well, you can summon your own and give the enemies a taste of their medicine. These fire hounds will come in packs of threes and spray fire upon the opponent you’re facing, making them incredibly easier to deal with. Players can get this spell in the later half of the game and require level 30 in Inferno to cast.

Best Umbral Spells in Lords of the Fallen

Umbral spells are all about summoning the realm of Umbral into Axiom, but they can still be used in Umbral. These spells can be slow to cast but can offer buffs on your weapons, timed explosions, lower defense of the opponent, etc. These spells do it all. Check out the best Umbral spells in Lords of the Fallen below.

  • Misery Missile: Summon a homing projectile of Umbral magic that explodes upon striking a target, damaging any nearby enemies.
  • Umbral Weapon: Imbue your weapon with Umbral magic.
  • Umbral Slash: Swing your weapon and send forth a wave of damaging Umbral magic.
  • Poison Weapon: Imbue your weapon with poison.
  • Diminishing Missile: Summon a homing projectile of Umbral magic, which reduces attack and defense upon striking a target.

Misery Missile

Misery Missile is an excellent choice for Umbral spellcasters as it allows players to keep their distance from intimidating enemies. Casting the Misery Missile from a distance will let the projectiles do the damage for you and stun the enemy, where you can then move in and strike for a punishing blow. Players can get the Misery Missile spell naturally by defeating main enemies, requiring a 15 in Radiance and 15 in Inferno.

Umbral Weapon

Umbral applies Withered damage to enemies, so applying Umbral to your weapon can quickly drain enemies’ health. Umbral Weapon imbues your weapon with Umbral, allowing you to consistently apply wither damage to your opponent. This spell can easily be purchased from Molhu in Skyrest about midway through the game.

Umbral Slash

Umbral Slash can help players keep their distance from formidable enemies while still damaging them. Locking onto a target and casting this spell will cause a large wave of Umbral to fly towards your opponent, essentially making it possible to take the enemy out without even getting close. Just make sure you have enough mana to spam this spell. Players can get the Umbral Slash spell from Molhu, requiring 20 in Radiance and 20 in Inferno.

Poison Weapon

No doubt, poison is the most potent status effect in Lords of the Fallen. Poison Weapon allows you to consistently apply poison to the enemy, as it is imbued to your weapon. This is similar to poison salts, but the thing is that its spell counterpart scales to your stat, making the poison more potent and dealing more damage. Players can get the Poison Weapon spell from Molhu in Skyrest, requiring 8 in Radiance and 8 in Inferno.

Diminishing Missile

Diminishing Missile is one of the best Umbral spells during the game’s boss fights. Casting this spell will lower the boss’s defense and attack power, meaning you will deal more damage and take less damage. This spell has got me out of many pickles, and I recommend you pick it up as soon as possible. Players can get the Diminishing Missile spell in the Path of Devotion while in the Umbral Realm and soulflaying a soul target. The spell requires 8 in Radiance and 8 in Inferno.

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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