Lost Ark: All 10 Ancient Elveria Mokoko Seed Locations

Here is how to get all 10 Ancient Elveria Mokoko Seeds.

by Noah Nelson


Lost Ark is the home of thousands of Mokoko Seeds which means there are some in Ancient Elveria. Scattered about in every continent, these Seeds are not only a fun collectible, but also can be turned in for some invaluable loot. Once you are done collecting all of the Mokoko Seeds in the Blackrose Basement, here is how to collect all 10 Mokoko Seeds in Ancient Elveria.

Ancient Elveria Mokoko Seed Locations in Lost Ark

In order to get the seeds in Ancient Elveria, you must first travel there. Ancient Elveria is located in the Vern North continent and is accessed by going north through the Balankar Mountains. Here is how to find all 10 Mokoko Seeds:

  1. Upon entering Ancient Elveria, travel to the southernmost part of the map. Here, you will find the first seed next to a broken wooden cart and a tree.
  2. The second Mokoko Seed in Ancient Elveria will be after the boss. On the west side of the map, you will find this seed amongst some ruins.
  3. Continue across the bridge going east. The third Mokoko Seed will be on the bridge to the left of a pillar.
  4. Head south to what looks like a dead end on the map. Here, you will be rewarded with two Mokoko Seeds. To get them, all you need to do is go south until the pillar blocking the screen’s view becomes invisible and what is on the ground is revealed.
  5. See step 4.
  6. Mokoko Seeds 6 and 7 are a bit tricky. Once you receive the robes, do not kill anything. Allow the ritual to happen and walk past the enemies to open the door to the east. Continue forward until you’ve met the mini-boss. This will trigger a mini-boss which allows for the door to be opened. Once you have killed the mini-boss and the door is opened, you can kill the rest. Travel back the way you came and a secret passage will be opened. This trail will not appear on the map, but it is the corridor going west. It will still appear as a wall, but travel through it and take Mokoko Seeds 6 and 7 sitting in the dark room.
  7. See step 6.
  8. Travel back to the place where you killed the mini-boss. Hiding on the left side of the first gate is the eighth Mokoko Seed.
  9. The ninth seed is on the right side of the last room. It will be perched on frozen tree roots with stormy ice shards behind it.
  10. The last Mokoko Seed in Ancient Elveria is in the final round room. It is in the back next to some more frozen trees and rocks.

And there you have it, all 10 Mokoko Seeds in Ancient Elveria in Lost Ark. For more Mokoko Seed guides, check out our Lost Ark guides page.

Lost Ark is available now on PC.

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