Lost Ark: All 8 Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seed Locations

Here is how to get all 8 Mokoko Seeds in Blackrose Basement.

by Noah Nelson


One of the hardest places to get all of the Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark is Blackrose BAsement. If you aren’t careful or if you don’t know what you are doing, you could lock the seeds away from you for a long time. In order to not do that and collect all the seeds in this area on your first go, here is your guide on all Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark.

Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seed Locations in Lost Ark

Blackrose Basement is a dungeon on Luterra East. You can get to it by traveling northwest in Blackrose Chapel and going through the door. Finding the Blackrose Basement is easy enough; getting all 8 of the Mokoko Seeds is another story. In order to access this dungeon, you will need to complete The Summoning of Madness.


A keynote about this dungeon that you will have to follow in order to get all of the Mokoko Seeds is 1. don’t kill any civilians, and 2. kill all cultists. In order to do that, whenever you run into any enemies highlighted in red, run away from them to lure them away from civilians. Civilians won’t attack you but they might join in on a fight and get killed in the process, so steer clear of that.

You will need to kill every cultist in the dungeon, which will be easier than defeating Casrick. To do that, follow every caution sign on the map above and continue through the dungeon normally. Also, use the map above to find the exact locations of the 8 Mokoko Seeds.

Here are the steps to finding all 8 Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark:

  1. The first Mokoko Seed is at a dead-end before taking the route deeper into the dungeon. It will be to the left of two office tables.
  2. The second Mokoko Seed is deeper into the dungeon after a cutscene. You will need to turn left and have to fight Heretic Elders. Make sure not to kill any Heretic Devotees as they count as civilians. The seed will be on the ground next to some books after that.
  3. After rescuing the villages from Heretic Elders and clearing out all the other cultists in the dungeon without killing any civilians, you will have access to Mokoko Seeds 3, 4, and 5. If you have done everything right, a door will open that reveals three Mokoko Seeds.
  4. See step 3.
  5. See step 3.
  6. For Mokoko Seeds 6 and 7, you will need to continue through the dungeon and clear out all the remaining Heretic Elders. There should be 14 members left. Once you have done that, a door will open revealing Mokoko Seeds 6 and 7.
  7. See step 6.
  8. For the last Mokoko Seed in Blackrose Basement, follow the dungeon and take the path on your right. It will be at a dead-end next to some jars.

Now you have collected all 8 Mokoko Seeds in Blackrose Basement in Lost Ark. For more, check out our Lost Ark guides.

Lost Ark is available now on PC.

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