Lost Ark: All 10 Lake Shiverwave Mokoko Seed Locations

Here are the locations of all 10 Mokoko Seeds in Lake Shiverwave.

by Noah Nelson


We are back at it with the Lost Ark Mokoko Seed hunt and this time we are going after Lake Shiverwave. There are so many Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark and getting them all will reward you in the long run. There are 10 Mokoko Seeds in Lake Shiverwave, so if you get lost, don’t worry because we have your back. Here is your guide to finding all the 10 Mokoko Seeds in Lake Shiverwave.

Lake Shiverwave Mokoko Seed Locations in Lost Ark

To begin your quest in collecting all 10 Mokoko Seeds in Lake Shiverwave, you need to know where Lake Shiverwave is first. Lake Shiverwave is located on the Rohendel continent and you can get to it by taking the southeast exit out of Rothun.


To get all of the seeds in Lake Shiverwave, you need to unlock Song of Eternity. You can do this by achieving 60% completion in Rohendel and progressing through your Adventurer’s Tome. With that out of the way, here is how to get all 10 Mokoko Seeds:

  1. At the northernmost point of the map, you’ll find the first Mokoko Seed behind a red-leafed tree and next to a statue.
  2. Mokoko Seed two is just east of the first one, on the edge of the wooden slates next to a large blue crystal.
  3. The third Mokoko Seed is found near the center of the map in the town region. You will need to repel down some vines on the southwest side to find the seed next to a tree.
  4. The fourth Mokoko Seed requires you to have 250 Charisma. To get it, all you need to do is go to the main building on the north side of town.
  5. On the northeast side of this same area, next to many Mimic chests, you will need to play Song of Eternity next to the large chest. Upon completion, the chest will spit out the fifth Mokoko Seed.
  6. Mokoko Seed six is south of the town center. In the hut on the east side, you will find this seed next to a child playing with their pet bunny.
  7. Like seed five, you need to play Song of Eternity for the large chest next to a circle of children and fairies to spit out seed seven.
  8. Mokoko Seed eight is northwest of the town and southwest of the center. Follow the trail until it starts to turn northwest and you will find this seed near some steps and under hanging ice.
  9. Travel back towards the entrance of Lake Shiverwave to find Mokoko Seed nine. Southeast of seeds one and two, you will find another chest that needs Song of Eternity.
  10. The last Mokoko Seed in Lake Shiverwave is a bit tricky. You need to have Sweet Honey Butter Beer. Use the Mokoko Seed map on this page to find the exact location of this seed, which is northeast of seed 8. All you need to do is drink the Sweet Honey Butter Beer at the exact spot and you will be transported to the last seed’s location.

And there you have it, all 10 Mokoko Seeds in Lake Shiverwave in Lost Ark. For more helpful tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, check out our other Lost Ark guides.

Lost Ark is available now on PC.

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