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Lost Judgement: Where To Find Roses

Some players rose to the occasion.

Lost Judgement is Sega’s recent instalment into the Yakuza series – following 2018’s spin-offJudgement. Starring Takayuki Yagami, a detective in the recognisable Kamurocho, Lost Judgement follows the usual serious turned silly plot of a classic Yakuza game.

One such quest found in the game is an ingredient fetch-quest for Iyama, the owner of an Extract Shop. In the middle of the quest chain this character gives the player is one requiring a new ingredient – roses. Iyama is in need of one to help further his research alongside Professor Yoshikawa. The rose-scented quest appears after completing ‘Extracting the Past’ Side Case, requiring the Mugwort ingredient, and is named ‘Extracting the Truth’.

Stop And Smell The Roses


In Lost Judgement, it is thankfully quite easy to obtain roses. They can be found either singly or in a bunch, too. They are actually located very close to where Iyama resides – in Hamatika Park!

To find roses, head to the grassy areas of the path and simply run around. Keep your eyes on the ground and look for white glimmers – these indicate where there is an item available to be picked up. Some of these will be roses. It can take a while, as roses don’t have the highest spawn rate, but keep at it and in no time you will have a beautiful bouquet at your disposal.

You can also buy roses for a few Yen from the Flowers 2 Go van shop, also located in Hamatika Park – if you’re not in the mood to grind for items. Players can also speed up the hunt by eating a food with the Material+ buff – which gives a boost to the material spawn rate. This means there is a higher chance of finding the flowers in the grassy areas.

In giving the rose to Iyama, Tak learns the extract recipe for Willow Snake; this provides a constant deflect ability by hitting L1, which also regains health if the deflect is successful. Along with this, players get further information on Iyama’s backstory, and get three new recipes for Tak’s three fighting styles!

Lost Judgment is available now for Playstation 4 and 5. Check back for more Lost Judgment guides as we come up with them!

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